Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Russ Knight…who is Russ Knight? he was  hired to be an assistant frequency coordinator during Super Bowl week, posting a picture of himself and his newly acquired credential, no big deal right , he was all excited and wanted to show it off …well not so fast. The league prohibits such things for security measures. It’s printed right on the back of the credential: It can’t be posted on the Internet, for fear that it could be cloned or copied to duplicate a fake credential. In light of Identity thief it’s understandable. To his credit Knight told the blame and the news well. “I can’t blame anybody else,” Knight said. “I was the guy. I was the fool who didn’t read the fine print. I was that guy.”He sent an apology letter to the league and plans to watch the big game on television.”But it won’t be the same as being on the field,” Knight said… You don’t say.

Rants: Marshawn Lynch …You don’t like talking to the press, we get it, but then the press shouldn’t like wasting their time trying to talk to you. Lynch made the remark at media day…I’m here so I won’t get fined. Which is the same as a kid saying I’m sorry because my mommy is making me. Most time when you try to get people like Lynch to talk you find out they have nothing much to say anyway. So the best Lynch can say is he is being made to show up then that is because he doesn’t have much to say anyway.

Rants: Roger Goodell …I bet Goodell thought 2015 would be better than 2014 for the NFL, yet the calendar turned and here’s the NFL in the midst of yet another scandal …Deflate gate. His own objectivity is called into question about the Patriots being investigated for deflating footballs because of his perceived close relationship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, the nightmare just keeps getting worse for Goodell and the NFL. From the Ray Rice scandal, to Josh Gordon to Adrian Peterson to Deflate Gate…it seems no matter what he does or how he rules …it just stinks.

Raves: Kentucky WildCats… in most polls the number one team in the nation, they are making it look easy…too easy. Virginia is the other unbeaten team and they are number 2 or number one depending on which poll you follow. What is scary about  Kentucky is they will only get better, does that mean they will go undefeated not necessarily, but right now it’s hard to imagine them not in the final four when the smoke clears.

Raves: Martin Brodeaur… Once one of Hockey’s best and great goaltenders is now finally calling it a career. Too bad it didn’t end with him in a Devils jersey, but at least retirement was on his terms and not anyone else’s.

Raves: New York Islanders… Guess who is still in First place in the Metropolitan Division in the NHL? The Pittsburgh Penguins? No , The New York Rangers ? No. The New York Islanders?? Yes …who knew. They are the real deal this season and now they rule the division, the franchise which is moving to Brooklyn after this season, has been saddled with all kinds of financial woes on and off the ice for years, so it finally good to see they become relevant on the ice heading into the future and into their new home in Brooklyn.


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