Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Pete Carroll…I have been silent all week about the Super Bowl but not any more. At the one, with a chance to go back to back in Super Bowl wins and against the Patriots no less, how does Pete Carroll call for a pass play on that, when you have Marshall Lynch right there. It was automatic so automatic that Bill Belichick didn’t even call a timeout and Tom Brady was on the bench face in hands thinking they had lost. It was BEAST MODE TIME, so what did Seattle do ??? Pass…almost like Carlos Beltran looking at strike three right down the plate against the Cardinals in the 2006 NLCS. If Pete Carroll was coaching in New York they would be calling for his head. Good thing he already won the Super Bowl last year.

Rants:Josh Gordon…What a waste of talent that you can’t buy, rent or charge you are born with the kind of talent Gordon has but waste it with a major alcohol /drug problem.Now he is suspended for a full year. Where does it leave his career? Who Knows? The Same goes for his Quarterback, Johnny Manziel. Checked himself into a rehab to get is drinking and partying  under control. A simple case of too much too soon.

Rants:Lance Armstrong…still doesn’t get it. He refuses to be held accountable for his own mess that he creates. First the  steroid scandal that rocked the cycling world and cost him all seven of his Tour De France titles not to mention any  creditability he no longer has because of the lengths he went to to cover up the truth of his steroid use. He bullied anyone who dared spoke out against him, he sued, and went out of his way to ruin people who detailed his steroid use. Now comes another report this time it doesn’t involve steroids, but a car accident one that he still tried to cover up and get someone else to take the blame, this time his girlfriend Anna Hansen. And again only after he had no other choice did Armstrong admit what he did. What a mess he is.

Raves: Atlanta Hawks…who is stopping the Hawks? It only gets better for ATL as The Hawks’ whole starting five is January’s Eastern Conference Player of the Month. Who is their starting five you ask? Atlanta starting five — center Al Horford, power forward Paul Millsap, small forward DeMarre Carroll, shooting guard Kyle Korver and point guard Jeff Teague. If you didn’t know the NBA could do that, you’re not alone; it was a new one on me, too. But there was precedent for multiple teammates sharing Player of the Month honorsLeBron James and Dwyane Wade did with the Miami Heat in December 2010; the Dallas Mavericks trio of Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash and Michael Finley got a three-way split of the Western nod in November 2002; and Boston Celtics stars Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker shared the award in December 2001 — Really different. By the way the Hawks were 17-0 in the month of January.

Raves: Langston Galloway… has made big strides in a short time. The 6-2 point guard went from undrafted rookie to playing for the Knicks’ D-League team in Westchester to now starting for the big club.

Galloway plays hard, rebounds well for his size, and isn’t afraid to take big shots.

Since becoming a starter eight games ago, Galloway has averaged 12.3 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.1 assists, and helped the Knicks to five wins. They won just five of their first 41 games.

“Langston can play,” Carmelo Anthony said. “I don’t think a lot of people know about him. But he can play basketball.” It’s not the first time the Knicks took on scrappy players and it worked out well for them …in case anyone forgot John Starks was bagging groceries before his rise in the NBA and Anthony Mason was had bounced around before finding a home with the Knicks, so this very well be a piece of history repeating itself which should continue to work well for the Knicks.

Raves: NBA commissioner Adam Silver… he wants to change the playoff format and to be honest it needs some work on the number of games in each round to the teams entering the playoffs. Here is his thoughts on the changes…“Ultimately we want to see your best teams in the playoffs. And there is an unbalance and a certain unfairness. There is a proposal (from one of the broadcasters)…  where the division winners would all automatically go into the playoffs and then you’d seed the next 10 best teams. I think that’s the kind of proposal we need to look at. There are travel issues of course, but in this day in age every team of course has their own plane, travels charter. I don’t think the discussion should end there. And as I’ve said, my first year I was studying a lot of these issues and year two is time to take action. It’s something I’m going to look at closely with the competition committee. I do think it’s an area where we need to make a change.” The best should play the best in the playoffs and if the best are all Western Conference teams …well so be it. It isn’t a bad idea let’s see how it plays out.

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