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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: Rajon Rondo… Maybe I got this wrong but …you played for a team that is in obvious rebuilding mode, so they did you a big solid by trading you to a contending club with a solid coach, a good franchise, and a owner who is willing to spend to make the team a championship contender and how do you repay them? By talking back to the coach and showiing a lack of respect and it extended to off the court which led to a one game suspension. By the way Rondo is a free agent at the end of the season. Don’t think he will be back in Dallas.

Rants: Dez Bryant video…did you hear about the rumor about the rumor of the video of Dez Bryant? Has anyone seen the video? Does such a video exist? Rumor of a rumor and everyone heard the rumor but is this more than a rumor?

Rants:Josh Hamilton… he admitted to a relapse to drug abuse. He broke the condition to his reinstatement in 2006 to both drug and alcohol. The only good thing about this is that he admitted it himself and there hasn’t been a reported failed test up to this point. It’s a long journey back for Hamilton. As for the Angels they are bracing for a possible suspension for Hamilton from MLB.

Raves: John Idzik … Jet fans your old friend John Idzik has landed a job more suited to his talents…he is taking his cap skills to Jacksonville. He is going to be working as a cap consultant for the Jaguars. I know Jet fans even hate the mention of his name but he did leave the team in a real good cap situation.

Raves:Kevin Garnett...It wasn’t the big media bananza like LeBron’s homecoming in Cleveland but it is just as heartwarming for the fans in Minnesota.

Raves:Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. …the fight that should have happened a few years ago will finally happen in May. The big question is will it be worth the wait?


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