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Are the Mets really improved? Or is it hopeful wishing?

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Mets logoLucas Duda390-harpercol19smatt-harvey 33-metsMichael Cuddyer This is a franchise that hasn’t finished over 500 since 2008 when they were on the back end of a back to back collapse 7 game lead with 17 to go and then don’t seal the deal. Since that time this is a been a franchise in search of itself. So a change in General managers a new manager and you would think the changes would be fast in coming. Not so fast. The GM has been reluctant to spent and when he has …it has been mixed results at best. The fan base wants a winner badly, It’s been a long time coming.We were promised 2014 would be the year, then Matt Harvey got hurt in 2013 which pushed back the feeling that 2014 would the year to turn it around. So here we are in 2015 and this should be an exciting time for Met fans, hope spring eternal. But this little voice inside me says don’t believe the hype, at least for now. The hype of how improved the Mets are even Jimmy Rollins got into the act of the..Mets were my second choice to sign with this off season…yeah good luck with that.  Met fans know this GM won’t spend the money or bid on Cuban players and didn’t make a move on Stephen Drew last season when he was there for the taken so picture him spending money on Jimmy Rollins. The Mets needed going into the offseason top upgrade at shortstop, add a bat and add to their bullpen. They did add a bat in Michael Cuddyer early in the offseason. The swiftness in which they moved to make the deal with Cuddyer, led everyone to believe that they were going to be players to upgrade their roster. But since then little has happened to upgrade their bullpen or their shortstop position. Starting the season with Wilmer Flores at short is going be a wait and see…the bullpen is better than it has been during Sandy Alderson’s time as GM and I willing to see how that shapes up as the season wears on but he needs to be ready to improve it immediately, the minute it begins the falter. They have a outside change to make the wildcard and can’t start slow, or give games away due to the bullpen.


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