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Kelly pushes Chips in big trade with Bills

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LeSean McCoy to Buffalo for Kiko Alonso

As you can imagine each coach or manager wants to have guys that are his guys, and Chip Kelly is no different. Kelly though has the power to actually do just that. For the second straight year Chip Kelly, has traded his top player (Desean Jackson last year) this time it is LeSean Mc Coy to Buffalo for KiKo Alonso who played for Kelly …at Oregon. As with every trade right away you wonder who got the better of the trade. For right now, Buffalo has the edge, but why do I have the feeling that this is a prelude to a bigger deal for the Eagles either a draft day trade or a big free agent signing (like DeMarco Murray) But for now Rex Ryan the new coach of the Bills, gets the running back to go back to the ground and pound attack that he liked to run with the Jets. For the Bills to send Alonso to the Eagles lends one to believe they have the inside track to get David Harris from the New York Jets, or Ndamukong Suh from the Detroit Lions. The Bills also acquired Matt Cassell from the Minnesota Vikings, so in very little time with the Bills Rex has upgraded his QB and Running Back position something he wasn’t able to do in his time with the Jets. But with this trade between the Eagles and the Bills, Chip Kelly squarely has made it clear he the player that all eyes will be on from here to the draft. It is said he is very much would love to get… Marcus Mariota,whom he coached at Oregon. Now the question in New York is the Jets sold on Mariota if he drops to them at 6 in the draft. It has been talked about, that Kelly could try to offer a trade of Nick Foles and another player and draft picks to the Jets for the 6th pick and then draft Mariota. The Jets are in need of a quarterback, do they draft one and go through the growing pains that come with it or do they go for the more established quarterback in Foles? Kelly is definitely in play both on the trade market and in the draft. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out between now and the draft.


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