Tiger Woods …Can He be Great Again?

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The image you see hasn’t been seen in some time. Tiger Woods winning a golf tournament. Even more rare now is Tiger winning a major. He had back disc surgery in April 2014, and has struggled since to regain his dominant form. There has been whispers as to why his body is breaking down, and yes the whispers are that Tiger Woods used PEDs …I don’t know if that is true at all. It has yet to be proven and both Tiger and the PGA are quick to issue denials about it, there was talk about Tiger being suspended privately and that this  latest injury was a cover. But there was nothing to those rumors. But one thing is for sure this a a crossroads for Tiger Woods and Golf in the worse way needs him, to bounce back from this latest set back and become maybe not the dominate Tiger of the early 2000’s but something better than what he is current. A golfer in search of his game. This is not to kick dirt on his career as if it is over. Far from it. Should Tiger come close to what he once was he could resume beating the field that now beats him. The field of golfers that once didn’t and couldn’t lay a club on him now have no fear of the great Tiger Woods. Let’s say he does manage to rebound from his injuries and finds a form he s comfortable with and starts winning again, he may have another ten years of golf in him and then resume the chase to break Jack Nicklaus record of 18 majors. But you have to wonder thought what if he doesn’t get his injuries resolved? What if he isn’t the same Tiger Woods that dominated golf? What if on that night when his marriage came apart that he lost something within that once made him the Great Tiger Woods? Is it possible he really is done? The big problem with my theory is that …skills like his you just don’t lose over night. So it comes back to finding a comfort level that will allow for Tiger to be great again, maybe not as good as he once was but great enough to win consistently. Great athletes face some kind of adversary that test their make up and their character that  they bounce back from. Perhaps this is true of Tiger. Maybe has another loud roar left in him.  Time will tell if this indeed the case.

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