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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: Denver Nuggets…they fired Brian Shaw for not winning too much 56-85 record as Nuggets head coach. The talk is that Shaw didn’t relate well with the players and they turned on him. But the coach he succeed George Karl was also fired from the Nuggets for winning too much  57 wins  and not enough in the playoffs.  Nuggets management needs to figure what they are doing and what kind of coach they want.

Rants: Phil Jackson…this has not been a good first year as Team President. The team is 12-47, Carmelo Anthony is done for the year after knee surgery and now Jackson has been fined by the NBA for comments about Ohio State freshman D’Angelo Russell. Jackson watched the Buckeyes’ 81-57 victory over Nebraska last Thursday and afterward told Cleveland.com that Russell was a ”great-looking kid” and a ”great prospect.” Hey just a thought, you might want to keep comments about college kids out of the media. This couldn’t make his boss James Dolan too happy.

Rants: The unnamed Chicago Bears Players and Coaches…If you going to rip and talk about Jay Cutler at least put your name on it. Plain and simple. Let’s go on the assumption that everyone is right about Cutler and he isn’t a likable player that no one wants to play with, then what do you have to lose by putting your name next to your quote about him(Cutler)

Raves: David Wright…for setting the tone on how to act like a professional. Both he and Bobby Parnell impressed on top prospect Noah Synegard that there is a time to eat and a time to be on the bench and support your team and clearly during the game wasn’t the time to be eating. Apparently Synegard didn’t get the message at first, which is when Parnell took the plate of food and tossed in the garbage. I bet he got the point then. Wright made it clear what was and is expected …to act like a professional.

Raves: Chip Kelly...another bold move by trading another star player. No one player is irreplaceable on Kelly’s team. Have to believe this is the first of more moves coming and by no stretch of the imagination a finished product. Kelly is just getting started.

Raves:MLB…Have enforced a rule to speed up the game …As the new rule goes: Batters have to keep their foot in the box unless one of nine exceptions occur, such as timeouts or wild pitches and passed balls. If a batter violates the rule, he could first be warned by an umpire, but umps can also issue automatic strikes. Flagrant violations could result in fines. We could do without the taking forever to get in the batter’s box. The games are long and this is a first step to speed things up.


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