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The 49ers run is done…

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The team previously known as the San Francisco 49ers are done. The run is officially over. The retirements of Patrick Willis and Justin Smith are going to hurt …alot. Frank Gore is moving after 10 productive seasons  to Indianapolis and the run officially began of course when John Harbaugh left for Michigan. The retirements of both Smith and Willis are puzzling from the standpoint of both being young in the prime of their careers as opposed to being at the back end. How the 49ers plan to address this bears watching. Seattle helped themselves by picking up Jimmy Graham from the Saints looking to make another run at the super Bowl. So the window for the 49ers has closed. 3 NFC Championship games 1 Super Bowl appearance and ) Super bowl wins. Colin Kaepernick The team will have a different feel to it to be sure, but where does the changes on both sides of the ball leave their star QB Colin Kaepernick? 49ers are quick to dispel any and all trade rumors as just that rumors. But one wonders how effective will he be without Harbarugh’s touch on offense? Don’t underestimate the loss of Frank Gore to the Colts it changes how the 49ers play on offense.  Gore gave them toughness on offense and a steady running attack.The running game always makes the passing game easier. The loss of guard Mike Iupati to rival Arizona is going to hurt as well. Again it will be interesting to see how the 49ers replace many of their core players many in their prime.


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