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Jets bring back Revis …

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revisweb22s-1-webI was always skeptical about whether the Jets really wanted Revis back. It’s one thing to give lip service to wanting the best corner in the league, but it is quite another to put Woody’s money where his mouth is. Well, I have to tip my hat to Woody Johnson on this, he ponied up big time to make this happen. 5 year deal 70 million 39 million of it …guaranteed. He is a game changer plain and simple and he is back to give Bill Belichick nightmares again after having for a year on their side. Now he is back with Gang Green, to the delight of Jet fans all over. What ever hard feelings there were between Woody Johnson and Darrelle Revis have apparently been soothe over enough to make this deal happen. Don’t forget Revis is a tough negotiator and squeezes for every penny he can get which means he will hold out if necessary which he has done in the past with the Jets. But as Woody Johnson has come to realize it is better to have Revis than not. Rumors had been going on all day that Revis was heading to the Jets, but I kept thinking until I hear Revis signs with the Jets for…I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. Well the Jets have had a busy off season on both sides of the ball adding James Carpenter for their Offensive line and getting game breaking wide receiver …Brandon Marshall. Picture practice with both Revis and Marshall, …these were not the only moves ..re- signing David Harris and signing former Browns corner…Buster Skrine. Skrine, a former fifth-round pick,spent four seasons in Cleveland, where he registered 235 tackles and six interceptions in 37 career starts.

The Jets appear ready to make more moves one of which may include bringing back another former Jet corner…Antonio Cromartie and former Bills quarterback…Ryan Fritzpatrick.


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