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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: UCLA…Can any one explain how they got in to the NCAA Tournament with their record and UConn did not? A real head scratcher. The defending champs don’t get to defend their title and instead hve to make do being in the NIT…meanwhile the Bruins were not even among the better teams out west…but their in …Seriously???

Rants:Kevin Love…things don’t smell so good in Cleveland with Kevin Love. The one trade everyone wanted to happen, happened but not with the results everyone thought. He is turning out to be a third wheel or more of a complimentary piece not a core player. Gut feeling says he is not long for Lebron and Cleveland and will bolt after the season. I have always wondered if he was a good player on a bad team, or a good player in need of a good team, now he is on a good team and he isn’t looking so good.

Rants:Jim Boeheim…gets the school in bigtime trouble, the AD is gone and he gets to pick when he will retire? Wow. He was college basketball’s winningest coach …now that’s gone so was it worth it?

Raves:New York Rangers …They over took the Islanders for first place in their division and are looking to keep the lead. The Isles still are having a good season, but the Rangers look like cup contenders. Time will tell if they are.

Raves: New York Jets….glad to see that they improved in the defensive side of the ball with all their pick ups, now we would like to see them build their offense up to match their defense. The trade for Fritzpatrick isn’t the end all to be all but it’s a step in the right direction considering there wasn’t else out there.

Raves: New York Mets…usually I kill Sandy for not doing much but in this case I am glad he didn’t trade Dillon Gee or Bartolo Colon , the injury to Zach Wheeler doesn’t hurt as much because of the depth that they have in their pitching which would have been an issue if Sandy Alderson had traded Gee or Colon or both for a much needed shortstop. By the way it seems like Wilmer Flores play in spring training is at least making Sandy look smart, for now.


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