Did anyone get the License Plate of that Kentucky Wildcat team that just ran over West Virginia?

Ok raise your hand if you really thought West Virginia was going to beat Kentucky? If you did I have one question for you…Seriously?

As we used to say in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, that was a mugging…seriously!

By the way …not a good idea to trash talk against the Wildcats …you get Mauled!

Kentucky left no doubt about this tourney…it’s them and no one else. West Virginia was stuck at 19 points for what seemed like forever and even that took alot of effort to get to the point. It was 18-2 game set match …it was over, so over. Norte Dame had finished their game and sat in the crowd and watched. What do you think went through their minds…We have to play them?…Nah, sorry ain’t gonna happen and if it happens we ain’t winning against that…oh yes that was as complete of a dismantle in fact the 19 points look like that was all West Virginia was going to get how they got to 39 points was nothing short of a miracle.

Honestly feel for Notre Dame feel really bad for Notre Dame…Next !

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