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St John’s parts way with Head coach Steve Lavin

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It has been reported that

St. John’s coach Steve Lavin and the school have mutually agreed to part ways after five seasons.

ESPN.com and other media outlets have reported earlier this week that Lavin and the school were deep into talks on a contract extension. Apparently things changed, either the school and Lavin couldn’t agree on a contract or reports of a contract extension were possibly not true.

Lavin led the Red Storm to the NCAA tournament, where they lost to San Diego State in the second round last Friday. He coached the Red Storm to two NCAA appearances and two NITs in five seasons. He missed one season while recovering from cancer.

“Coach Lavin returned high expectations to our men’s basketball program and represented St. John’s in a positive way,” St. John’s athletic director Chris Monasch said in a statement Friday. “We appreciate his commitment to the program and to our student-athletes over the past five years.”

I’m thinking that his recent comments after losing against Providence in the Big East tourney didn’t sit well with the school from a perception stand point

“I don’t think it’s (my team). I’m just a poor Big East, I’m a poor conference tournament coach. We didn’t have one at UCLA either,” Lavin said. “Probably the trend in the racing form is I don’t think I’ve ever won a conference tournament game as a coach in the Pac-10 or the Big East. I don’t think it has anything to do with our players.”
The was talk that St John should reach out to Bobby Hurley who by the way has conflicting reports of agreeing or not agreeing to a new contract in Buffalo. Keep an eye on that situation.


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