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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants:Aaron Hernandez …his fiance’ can’t remember what was in the box even though she believes it was marajuna but she isn’t sure, and then Hernandez himself lied to his boss Bob Kraft about his whereabouts on the night of the murder…this hasn’t been a good week for the former Patriots star tight end.

Rants: West Virginia…Did anyone get the license of that truck that ran over them in the tourney against Kentucky?  To be honest I was surprised the scored 39 points after being stuck on 19 for a while. Maybe they shouldn’t have talked so much trash before the game about beating the Wildcats. By the far the most one sided score the entire tourney.

Rants:Phil Jackson …he should stop making remarks about being open to trading the pick if the knicks get the number one pick. This team sorely could use either a big like Towns from Kentucky or a playmaker like Russell who Jackson made comments about not to long ago and got fined for. It’s not often the Knicks are down this road but…just don’t screw this pick up.

Raves: Tom Izzo …it’s time that he gets recognized for being a great tournament coach. The Spartans are in the final four again this time against Duke, can he beat Duke? This is going to be a good game to watch for sure.

Raves:Chris Mullin …he gets the St John’s coaching job and it will be great press in the city and will spark recruiting to get local high school ballers to think long and hard to stay in the city and play in Queens. Don’t buy in to the hype that because he hasn’t coached before that it will be an issue. If they win no one will even think about it.

Raves:Matt Harvey… The Dark Knight Returns.He had Tommy John surgery really ? you couldn’t tell he has been pitching lights out all spring. Met fans are juiced and the players are really themselves. What a difference a year makes.


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