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Met Fans …It’s Ok to feel good about this team

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This has been a long time coming with set backs to be sure along the way, but it has finally arrived , Met fans the Mets have arrived as promised. It took most of General manager’s Sandy Alderson’s regime to make the New York Mets competitive but it has finally happened. It hasn’t been easy to watch or root for the Amazin’s but…the payoff is finally coming to realization. In the past Met fans have been less than kind of Alderson’s decision (I admit I was very much a critic of Alderson) and the on going rant is that the Mets who play in a big market (New York) have a small Market mentality whe it comes to financing this team. But as crazy as it is the moves turned out to be the right ones, and the patience that management has used turned out to be smart. The press has been jumping on the bandwagon of the Mets and have said that Citifield is becoming loud…well there is a reason for that …in the small sample size of this season the fans have reason to believe in this team, have reason to dream and dare to dream big (WildCard). For once they can believe that the season will not be over by July and that this is the Mets time to come of age as a team. Already this season isn’t without it’s moments ….losing David Wright is going to hurt if he is out any  longer than 2 weeks, Losing Travis d’Arnaud for 3 or 4 weeks just when he was showing what he can do is a big hit, Blevins who already pitched well is lost due to injury just those three alone not  tomention the team is still without  Zach Wheeler, Bobby Parnell and the suspended Jenry Mejia. In the past this would have been a signal that the season is already over before it began yet these Mets, fall down and someone else steps up.d’Arnaud goes down and in comes Kevin Plawecki  without missing a beat. Wheeler is out and Dillion Gee steps in and pitches well. Mejia gets suspended for PED use and Jeurys Familia steps into the closer’s role. It’s not a perfect team , by no stretch of the imagination but you see it all coming together and the confidence is growing with each win, and they are winning at home, a place that has never been exactly a comfortable place for the team. There was no winning edge, visting teams felt more comfortable playing in Citifield than the home team did. That is changing and with the fans making noise and the place rocking it will be only a matter of time that word will get out that Citifield isn’t going to be easy picking to come play against the Mets anymore. The Mets are 11-2 they are not going to be 160-2 at season’s end and there will be a dry spell or two along the way but the arrow is definitely pointing up on the boys in Flushing, Queens and fans for the first time in along time have real reason to believe In this team, reason to feel good about this team. As  fan you have to like that.



  1. So far so good! Let’s check back at the standings say around June. I’ve always been a doubting Thomas when it comes to the Mets because like the Jets, they find ways to break your heart, but hopefully you are correct & this will be the year of the Metropolitans…

    • bklynboy59 says:

      I feel better about this team than I have since 2006. The injury bug is a bit of a concern but thankfully they depth. Which is worse to be as awful as they have been or be good and break you heart? I’d rather be good I will live with the heartbreak

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