Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves


Rants: Pat Riley…still sore that Lebron Took his talents back to Cleveland…”No more smiling faces with hidden agendas.”

In March, Riley told Bleacher Report that it was “almost shocking” that the situation devolved to the point where James wanted to leave the Heat. Here is a piece of advice for Pat Riley …”Get Over it already” Time to turn the page. It was ok when you get LeBron to leave Cleveland for South Beach, now that he reverse course and did to you what he did to Cleveland you’re steamed…get over it.

Rants:Floyd Mayweather Jr… Nothing wrong with believing in yourself but taking swipes at others who were the greatest before you well….not cool”[Ali] only fought in one weight class…No one can ever brainwash me to make me believe that Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali was better than me.

“Spinks beat him when he had seven fights,” Mayweather said. “They’d never put a fighter in there with Floyd Mayweather with seven fights. So are you going to tell me that it’s cool to lay on the ropes and take punishment and let a man tire himself out from beating you and then he basically fatigued?

“You hit him with a few punches and he go down and quit, and you want to be glorified for that?”

Here is where Mayweather  needs to rethink that logic…Ali took Spinks lightly in the first so much so he didn’t train for it, then in the second fight Ali gave Spinks a 15 round boxing lesson he should have giving him in the first fight. Ali was at the end of his career at 38 . Try talking about Ali in his 20’s when he beat Cleveland Williams in a perfect display of boxing skill, try talking about Ali who moved around the ring with uncanny speed wearing opponents out with his left jab. Don’t use an end of the libe Ali as your bench mark for explaining why you think you are the greatest. By the way Ali fought Frazier and Norton 6 times and Foreman once …who did you fight that many times?

Rants:Alex Rodriguez…Yes I know he is on a roll he is playing better than what anyone expected for someone who hasn’t played in a year coming off two hips surgeries, but if he lied and cheated before and never failed a drug test what makes you think this recent upswing isn’t more of the same just more cloak and hiding ways to cheat more test? How can you be sure he is clean?

Raves: New York Mets…the streak continues 11 in a row and 10-0 at home both numbers are impressive when you consider this start matches the start of the 1986 Mets(World championship later that year) and 2006 Mets (NLCS.) Point is this is boding well for a shot at the postseason. It’s early but you have to like what you see from Lucas Duda (hitting lefthanded Pitching) and what Travis darnaud was showing you before he got hurt, and Wilmer Flores hitting well. Of course the return of the Dark Knight …Matt Harvey has set the tone for this franchise, and 2014 Rookie of the year Jacob DeGrom is no fluke.

Raves:Stephen Curry… He is just sick…can any one guard this guy? If he doesn’t win NBA MVP…someone recount please.

Raves:Derrick Rose …tore his left anterior cruciate ligament in Game 1 of his team’s first-round series against the Philadelphia 76ers in April 2012, and he tore his right meniscus in the winter of 2013 – both injuries kept the 2011 MVP out of all but 10 games of the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons. Rose had to undergo cleanup surgery on that same meniscus in late February of this season and looked done and maybe could have called it a career after all that but …look who is back and playing well? Derrick Rose. Leading his Bulls in Game 3 against the Bucks in Milwaukee…Rose attacked early and then often on his way toward 34 points in Chicago’s 113-106 double overtime win. The victory pushed Chicago to a seemingly insurmountable 3-0 in the team’s first-round series over the Bucks.

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