Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Tom Brady and the New England Patriots…DeFlate Gate exposed what we long knew …the patriots are cheaters. Granted they may not be the only cheaters but they make it an art form and their arrogance towards the rules makes them a target for others to dislike. To the Brady apologist face up to it Brady is the league’s biggest star and biggest cheat and he got caught.Will the NFL come down hard on him…I doubt it, but it tarnished the image the Patriots and Brady have carefully crafted. They will be watched very closely.

Rants: Alex Rodriquez …Ok what did he d now right? Hit homeruns played well for a guy who missed a year due to a drug suspension and all at the age of 40. Hmmmm He has cheated before lied before about cheating and never failed a drug test ….do you think it is possible he is juicing and we don’t know it again? Yes I know it is bad to go that road again but you can’t help but wonder every hit every homerun makes you wonder is he or is this what he really is with out the jucie? how do we tell? See what happens when you lie and cheat and lie about cheating and sue everyone who dares say the truth about you cheating? It makes doubters of everyone.

Rants:Manny Pacquiao… Its bad enough to get beat by a a guy who five years ago you would have had a better chance at beating but to lose then complain you had a shoulder injury before the fight and that’s why you lost sounds lame and a poor excuse. There should be a rematch just to silence this once and for all. Mayweather fought the way he has always fought elusive hard to hit, stick and move and when Pacman pressed him on the ropes he didn’t press hard enough and Mayweather escaped off the ropes and did enough to win the fight. I wouldn’t have paid 100 dollars for this fight. In fact I didn’t come to think of it.

Raves:New York Mets…guess who is in first place in the NL East? Yep the boys in Flushing. 4 games ahead of Atlanta 4.5 ahead of Miami and Washington. It’s early but consider they bench their starting shortstop, David Wright still hasn’t returned from injury yet and Murphy is playing 3rd base, and they need another bat being 18-10 isn’t a bad place to be.

Raves:Houston Astros …Now in the American League West the Astros are 19-10 while the Angels and Texas Rangers languish behind them. Weird stat though they are 11-2 on the road and 8-8 at home.

Raves:New York Jets…a lot of questions were answered about what the Jets were going to do with the 6th pick in the NFL draft…Leonard Williams is a beast and only makes the defense better. They filled a need a receiver with Devin Smith who stretches the field something the Jets haven’t had in a long while. Now their receiving core which was lousy last years looks much improved with Brandon Marshall and Devin Smith. They did draft a QB Bryce Petty from Baylor. If he picks up the offense ….Geno is bye bye.

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