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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: New York media …Only in New York do you kill the Knicks for not getting the top pick in the NBA Lottery. The Knicks pick 4th  even though they had 2nd worse record in the league this past season. Ok yes I know the 2 wins at the end of the season hurt their chances but picking 4th they still get a very good player that will help them now and in the future. This just means they will have to be smart about who they pick or be smart if they trade the pick. Which I don’t think they should do.

Rants: Phil Jackson…since we are on the subject, don’t get cute here and try to outsmart everyone by trading the pick to get lower in the draft for multiple picks. There are good players like Emmanuel Mudiay,and Justise Winslow. Yes I would like Towns if I am the Knicks but if the two bigs are gone by 4 then I would got for either the athletic point guard that you haven’t had in a long while or a wing man that can play both ends of the floor. Make a smart pick here Phil.

Rants: Los Angeles Clippers… up 3 games to 1 against the Houston Rockets and failed to get it done. Seems like the only that cared was Chris Paul. I am still wondering how Doc Rivers let this team choke it’s lead away to a Houston team that was Harden and not much else. Is it time to clean house here?

Raves: Noah Syndergard…good as advertised now the question is will the Mets keep him up the rest of the year or will they get cute and put back in the minors? My guess is he is here to stay and Dillion Gee will go to the bullpen.

Raves:Robert Kraft…for using the good sense to know when to leave well enough alone with deflate gate. This was getting embarrassing for him and the league and the more he fought the punishment the more questions would have been raised so take the punishment and move on. He still gets to keep his Super bowl trophy and his friendship with Comissioner Roger Goodell stays in tact.

Raves: Jacob De Grom …Mets second year pitcher is showing no second year jinx here. Fired a one hitter against the St Louis Cardinals in a 5-0 Mets win after the cards decked the Mets two games in a row. DeGrom pitched like a stopper.


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