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Is the door to the Hall of Fame Closed to Pete Rose for good?

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The sound you just heard is a door slammed shut. If there was a chance of Pete Rose getting into the Hall of Fame that appears to be completely over, done, like Turkey dinner done. The latest bombshell is that Pete Rose bet on Baseball as a player when he was player- manager of the Reds, he bet on them to win( of course) and this was stumble on by accident during a raid for something else unrelated. Now what made those discovering the evidence to make it public instead of keeping it private isn’t totally clear but one thing is, this will not help Rose’s case for reinstatement back into Baseball. I have been outspoken before on Rose being allowed back into the game (https://smallthoughtsinasportsworld.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/should-pete-rose-be-reinstated-into-baseball/ Now it seems the only way Rose is going to be allowed back in is if he buys a ticket to a game or gets into the hall of Fame by buying a ticket at Cooperstown. Does the  latest revelation that Rose bet as a player change my mind that he should be in the Hall of Fame? No. He was an all time great player, Baseball’s all time hits leader. But I am not the one to decide that. Problem is that Rose has never come totally clean about his gambling and that alone is why the door will be shut to Pete Rose aka Charlie Hustle. For all the things that made him a great player for all the stubbornness that a player needs to overcome the odds to make it to the Major Leagues it is that same stubbornness and ego that doomed Rose into the lifetime ban that he signed, knowingly. He didn’t enhance his performance, his numbers are legit, but the number rule in Baseball that it posted in the locker room is do not bet on Baseball. Be a drug user, be a PED user, be an alcoholic but bet on Baseball …and you are done! It took Rose all of his ban since 1989 to finally admit he bet on Baseball as a manager, how long will it take for him to admit he bet as a player?

His achievements will be there, no one can take those away from him, the memories of Rose running the bases with reckless abandon will always be there, Rose leading the Phillies to they first world championship in 1980 is in the history books for all time. Rose winning the world series with the Reds(1975 and 1976)and winning the National League MVP (1973), 17 time all star no one can take those things away from him. All those things he did with swagger, bravado and made no excuses for his style of play, running to first on a walk (full sprint). All of that will pale in comparison, to his betting on Baseball first as a manager now we find out as a player.

At this point unless something comes up that completely exonerates Rose of this, this is it for Rose’s chance at the Hall of Fame. It is done, sadly so done.


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