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Smallthoughts: NBA Free Agency

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With the NBA draft done , the next big ticket for the NBA is the free agent spending frenzy. This is the one time where the players and their agents get wooed by teams both real good and real bad and get to hear these teams best pitch as to why they should play for them.

This free agent class features some of the top names in the sport…Lebron James, Tim Duncan, Dwayne Wade, LaMarcus Aldridge,Paul Pierce and Kevin Love. The first three names I mentioned unless something really weird happens will resign with their current teams. It has been reported that Paul Pierce has agreed to a deal with the Los Angles Clippers and Kevin Love with resign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The free agency period began on July 1st and the action was quick as teams and players announced deals agreed upon.

Danny Green…resigns with the Spurs

Draymon Green resigns with the Warriors

Paul Milsap resigns with the Hawks

Tyson Chandler agreed to a deal with the Phoenix Suns

Brandon Knight stays with the Suns

Iman Shumpert is staying with the Cavs

Jimmy Butler is staying with the Bulls

Goran Dragic is staying with the Heat

and Brook Lopez and Thad Young are staying put in Brooklyn with the Nets.

This was all on the first day of Free agency. Let’s see what happens with the big names and if many of them change teams and change the balance of power in the NBA.

Big names out there such as La Marcus Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan, Greg Monroe Monta Ellis, Rajon Rondo, David West and Marc Gasol.

For a team like the Knicks this is an important time for them they need to sign a big name from among this group available, Phil Jackson can’t come up empty on this.And yet it seems like that might happen…LaMarcus Aldridge has put the Knicks off until the end of the week if he hasn’t decided to sign with the Spurs, they reportedly met with Greg Monroe but no deal was agreed on (Bad sign) and I don’t see De Andre Jordan being a fit for the Knicks as a second option behind Carmelo Anthony. Unless the Knicks over pay to get a star player to come to New York, they could get shut out and that would further hurt Phil Jackson’s goal of turning the Knicks around. So far from what it seems other than Kevin Love who reportedly agreed to a 5 year 110 million dollar deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, many of the deals were of shorter duration, 3 or 4 years with max money Some free aganets didn’t wait to see what other teams were offering instead signing with their previous teams. WE will see how that works out for them down the road.


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