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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: St Louis Cardinals …the fall out from Hackergate continues as according to one published report “Chris Correa, the St. Louis Cardinals‘ scouting director, has been fired by the club, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has learned after “an imposed leave of absence.” The team isn’t officially naming Correa a culprit in its ongoing hacking scandal, but the Post-Dispatch has sources saying Correa breached a Houston Astros database.” Now we know how the Cardinals remain competitive year after year.

Rants : New York Mets …Sandy please do something this team is hard to watch. The pitching has been lights out and the offense is well awful. The amazing thing is they are only 3 games back of the Nationals and still in the wildcard hunt. If they pull the trigger on a deal to boast the offense it will go a long way to playing meaningful games in September.

Rants: Phil Jackson …I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the draft especially with Porzinis, but free agency was supposed to be where he shines getting big ticket free agents to come play with Carmelo Anthony. Well it turns out no body wants to play for a team that finished 17-65. Greg Monroe who was rumored to be signed sealed and delivered to the Knicks went to play for Jason Kidd in Milwaukee instead of the bright lights of Broadway. Because they were closer to winning and were at least a playoff team. Ouch. He has a chance to redeem himself if he can bring a serviceable big and not use up all his cap space.

Raves:Bobby Bonilla …once a upon a time he threated to show a sportswriter the Bronx, now he is being paid hamdsomely by the New York Mets for retiring back in 2001.Due to a strange clause in his contract, Bonilla will receive close to $1.2 million from the Mets once a year until 2035. Where can I sign up for something like that?

Raves:Tim Duncan…shows his loyal side to the Spurs. He is a free agent yet it was reported he was part of the recruitment party to woo LaMarcus Aldridge to San Antonio.. He could have passed on it or tried to shop his services else where but chose to be a class act that he is with the Spurs. By the way he is returning to play in san Antonio for another year.

Raves:Tiger Woods… don’t look now but Tiger might be ready to roar again …granted it is a small sample size but it was enough to create excitement an not pity on Thursday… The Greenbrier Classic in West Virginia on Tiger shot 4-under 66. It was the opening round and today is another day but after his last few outings this seems to have people talking about Tiger in a positive way ..finally.



  1. J-Dub says:

    So, why isn’t this story about the Cardinals getting much more play from the media? You would think they love this kind of stuff?

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