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New York, Los Angeles and Boston are no longer the Draw they used to be

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There was a time when regardless of the sport, every athlete wanted to play in New York.There was a time when you won you got endorsement deals and no endorsements were bigger than New York. In the Basketball world there were 3 places everyone wanted to play…Los Angeles for the Lakers, New York for the Knicks and in Boston for the Celtics. This free agent period that began July 1st saw all three teams get shut out of signing any high profile Free Agents Greg Monroe rejected the Knicks for the Milwaukee Bucks (Seriously) LaMarcus Aldridge didn’t even want to talk to the Knicks and listened to the Lakers twice only to rejected them both times before signing with the San Antonio Spurs. The Celtics were not even mentioned in rumors of talking to anyone. What the free agency has shown is that players want to go where they have the best chance to win, go somewhere without the harsh glare of the media spotlight (New York, LA) and go somewhere there is a stable situation with ownership and management. The Knicks didn’t bring Phil Jackson to New York for 60 million dollars to sign Derrick Williams, Robin Lopez and Kyle O Quinn …Steve Mills could have done that himself. Jackson was brought to New York to change the culture and be a draw for big ticket free agents…13 rings speaks to winning speaks to he knows something about putting together something long term about winning, now having Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, Shaq and Kobe didn’t hurt. But another undercurrent about free agents not signing with the Knicks is the Carmelo Anthony factor…players don’t want to sign to play with him , Kobe scares players away from LA ( see Dwight Howard) The Celtics see to be in the middle of another rebuild again …and the other factor that really hurts the Knicks  is…James Dolan. His insistence in keeping Isiah Thomas as part of his organization is something that can’t be overlooked. No one wants to work for a dysfunctional organization. But another factor is the money in the NBA is equal. Milwaukee can offer the same deal as the Knicks, Oklahoma City can offer the same money as the Lakers and the Spurs can make the same deal as the Knicks, Lakers and Celtics for the same players. The big markets can’t blow the small markets out of the water any more. Now it is role reversal where the small markets are getting the big name big ticket free agents and the big markets are not even get a sit down with the big name free agent. Will the trend continue or is this just something that is a one time deal? the next free agent class 2015-16 will provide interesting answers to those questions.


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