DeAndre Jordan is Having Second Thoughts about signing with the Mavericks

When is a deal not a deal? When it isn’t a signed deal. NBA free agency began July 1st and teams were able to agree to deals with free agents those deals can be officially signed tomorrow. According to reports on Twitter and ESPN and other outlets one such free agent is having second thoughts on his agreed deal…DeAndre Jordan.

Apparently informed Clippers head coach that he was having second thoughts about joining the Dallas Mavericks. So now the Los Angeles Clippers are sending team Owner Steve Ballmer, Doc Rivers, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul to Jordan’s home in Houston to try to convince Jordan to return and sign with the Clippers. It was reported that Jordan and Chris Paul didn’t get along and that was a factor in going to Dallas. The Mavericks are not taking this lying down and Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban is also going to Houston to meet with Jordan to convince him touphold his agreed deal with the Mavericks.

Two thoughts on this. .. First it seems Jordan wanted to be romanced as this was his first taste of free agency. He wanted to be romanced by the Clippers and when that didn’t happen the way he thought, he got a deal that worked for him in his home state of Texas. He took advantage of the situation knowing that while he did agree to a deal with the Mavericks it wouldn’t be official until tomorrow. So there is a sense of urgency for both teams to want to convince Jordan to sign with them. It has been reported that Jordan was seeking to be a second option on offense which it seems  he would have been in Dallas, it remains to be seen how that mindset would work in Los Angeles with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin the obvious first two options on Offense.

Second…if I am either team I have to wonder about Jordan’s mindset going into this season with his change of heart. If I am Dallas I have to be wondering do I want a player who apparently wants o be elsewhere befor he signs an agreed contract with me? If I am the Clippers I am wondering was this reported riff with Chris Paul real or designed to get the attention he wanted from them in the first place? And why didn’t they romance him hard like this in the first place?

Gut feeling by the time this entry is posted he will commit to resigning with the Clippers and jilting and making angry the Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban. The Western Conference is already competitive to begin with, add this dram to the mix and things will be a raging fire.

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2 thoughts on “DeAndre Jordan is Having Second Thoughts about signing with the Mavericks

  1. If Jordan does return to the Clippers, there will be one pissed off Mark Cuban, THAT’S for sure! With the way San Antonio is stacked and poised on becoming a contender to play in next season’s Finals, this will make the Mavs’ season just a little bit longer…
    Doesn’t say a lot for Jordan’s character…

    1. Someone tweet maybe Jordan’s state of mind has slot to do with why he doesn’t shoot free throws . I agree Cuban is not happy and I’m not sure I would want Jordan after this.

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