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Timberwolves give Kevin Garnett 2 more years

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AP Source: Timberwolves give Kevin Garnett 2 more years

There are times when Kevin Garnett looked like he was done as a player on the court, but apparently the Timberwolves don’t believe so. So they signed Garnett to a 2 year contract. Insuring that the big man will finish his career with the same team he started his career with.

Garnett spent his first 12 seasons in Minnesota before being traded to Boston in 2007. He won a championship and played in another NBA Finals with the Celtics before moving on to Brooklyn.

”He means the most,” forward Shabazz Muhammad said. ”Everything he would say, we would just look up to. We had a tough year last year. … Before we had our meetings he would talk to us and tell us we’re a young team and have to keep fighting. He just gives us a positive energy we need every day.”

”We just look up to him and can’t believe we’re on the floor with him,” Muhammad said. ”He’s a great leader. We all follow what he does. How hard he works on the court is something we want to take to our games.

The proud veteran said last year that he was buoyed by his return to Minnesota and the youthful energy on the roster. He fully admitted to not being able to carry a team physically like he once did, but he pledged to be a role model for those who were interested in soaking up his experience.


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