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DeAndre Jordan Re-signs with the Clippers

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To the surprise of no one, De Andre Jordan reversed his decision to play for the Dallas mavericks and decided to re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas Owner Mark Cuban never got the chance to convince Jordan to honor his verbal commitment to the Mavericks. Instead Jordan signs a 4 year deal with the Clippers with a opt out after the third year of the deal. It was reported that Jordan wasn’t thrilled that his agents tried to push him in to the deal with the Mavericks, you have to wonder how this is going to play out after the ink dries on this deal. Would it surprise you if he ended up with a different agent going forward?

The Clippers rallied around Jordan and would not let Mark Cuban contact Jordan or visit him at his home in Houston, in fact the stood guard on Jordan right up until 12;01 am EST when frre agents are free to sign the actual contracts. There is nothing in the rules that says a player can’t change his mind during the time before it is time to sign the contract, it has happened before. While what Jordan did wasn’t wrong it does leave a sour taste for the parties involved in this case the Dallas Mavericks, but the Mavericks will bounce back from this.

One observation …it is obvious to me that he liked the idea of the Clippers out pouring of attention at the last minute and the fact that gave him the attention he was looking for. Perhaps had they giving him this in the first place …his deal with Mavs would not have happened at all. It stands to reason that Dallas Mavericks Owner  Mark Cuban isn’t happy with this development, but in the long run would he have been ok with a player who backed out of a commitment to him  and his team and needed to be convinced to honor his agreement?


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