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Hey Lance No need to Question if Some one else is Clean…You weren’t

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Maybe it’s me but when you are busted and disgraced and been stripped of 7 world titles and erased from the record books the last thing you want to do is stir up more controversy, yet Lance Armstrong did just that on Twitter.

Lance Armstrong just questioned whether the guy leading the Tour de France is 'too strong to be clean'

This from a man who cheated repeatedly, lied about cheating and sued everyone who dared say he cheated, so who is he to question anyone eles? Guess what someone else felt the same way on Twitter as they replied back to Armstrong …

     Daniel Castille @danieljcastille

@lancearmstrong you destroyed the reputation of this great race and now you try to harm it further by accusing others? Please stop.

Froome himself said the following about Armstrong just last year …In his autobiography, published last year, Froome said about Armstrong:

“I am not a student of Lance Armstrong or that period in cycling. He doesn’t interest me and that era doesn’t interest me.”

And this:

“You think I’m guilty. Can you prove it? No. I know I’m clean. Can I prove it? No. You heard it all before from Lance Armstrong. Well, I’m not Lance Armstrong. You won’t get fooled again. Not by me you won’t, ever.”

Moral of the story to Lance Armstrong…leave well enough alone.


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