Rockies Trade Troy Tulowitzki to The Blue Jays for Jose Reyes

In  block buster that few saw coming …The Rockies traded their face of the franchise Troy Tulowitzki to the Toronto Blue jays for Jose Reyes and prospects. It was assumed that Tulowitzki wasn’t going to be moved for two reasons …he is injury- prone and his contract still has at least 5 years to run that will take him in to his mid 30’s. Reyes has the same issue in tow respect his contract still has somne time left on it and he is injury – prone and some think his best years as a offensive player could be nearing it’s end. It is a gamble for both teams, the feeling is Reyes could be flipped to another team that could use his skills for the stretch run (Mets need a lead off hitter and a upgrade at shortstop). Toronto is making a last gasp at the division. The Yankees though have a 7 game lead and are on a roll so now is the time to make a move. For Toronto Pitching is the key, they need a starting pitcher, Tulowitzki will fit in on offense and will be a upgrade defensively but the risk is as always with him…health.

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