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Met management Finally stepped up …Welcome to the Big Leagues

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The way things were going this past week with the collapse of the Gomez trade, I was prepared to rip the Mets into a new one for failing to step up and actually show some guts in making a trade that worked for them.

Then with moments left to the trading deadline something crazy happen…the Mets stepped up and traded for Yoenis Cespedes.A friend of mine was trying to throw cold water on last night’s win and on the Cespedes trade. Finall I said to him… Let me have this moment…beating the Nationals is huge for us. They have been beating us like a drum for a while, so it’s our time for payback. Lucas Duda beat them all by himself. 3 runs 2 homeruns and a double 3 RBI’s …the night before it was Wilmer Flores who was supposed to go to the Brewers in the Gomez Trade. This might be the best thing to happen it’s the trades you don’t make…well in this case it was the trade they finally did make.

I have often stated that the Mets needed a Keith Hernandez, Mike Piazza like type trade to make this a team we fans can root for. Guess what? It finally happened. We got that Franchise changing trade, the kind that keeps the Mets in contention and the kind that puts a little fear in the Washington Nationals and the kind that gives this franchise sizzle, gives this fan base hope and a reason to back this team. This is all we Met fans have been waiting for all season…a reason to root all out for this team and we got it…finally. Last Night’s 3-2 victory over the Nationals was the first night Citifield rocked all year, rocked like Shea used to rock when the 1986 Mets ruled New York, rocked when the 2006 Mets walked over the National League East on the way to the post season, can they make it to the post season like those past seasons? That’s what we are going to find out. But regardless of the finish at least now management finally woke up and found some nerve and made this deal happen. Will Cespedes return next season? Who knows …but one thing to keep in mind the Mets traded for Hernandez and there was no guarantee that he would stay and after some thought ….Keith Hernandez stayed for 6 seasons in New York…Mike Piazza was like Cespedes in his walk year and had been moved from Los Angeles to Miami and then to New York. There was alot of thought that if he went free agency he was done in New York. He stayed 7 more years in New York and became the franchise…he is thought of in the same breath as Tom Seaver and Keith Hernandez that highly. Will Cespedes follow suit? History says it’s possible if he gives the City and the fans a chance he could be here a while. If he is about getting the most money well maybe nothing with stop him leaving.

It’s up to Sandy and Jeff and Fred to make it possible to keep Cespedes for years to come, or if they can’t keep him to have a solid back up plan to acquire another big bat from somewhere else. This is the big leagues and the Mets just joined the rest of the Baseball world. Should the fans worry about the off season? No this trade is about the here and now. Let’s get to the end of the season first and hope we have a postseason and extend it from there,then take your chances with any and all offseason moves. Who knows maybe we will see history repeat itself and the Mets will be able to make Yoenis  Cespedes a Met for years to come.


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