Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants : Detroit Tigers …for firing General manager Dave Dombrowski shortly after the trading dead line. The timing of it made no sense. Dave Dombrowski was with the Tigers for nearly 14 seasons. He guided Detroit to two American League pennants and four Central division titles. About the only thing Detroit didn’t do during his tenure was win the World Series, which the Tigers still haven’t done since 1984. And just like that gone, fired…that doesn’t seem right.

Rants: Roger Goodell…I willing to give the NFL Commish a pass on this pass season and just say he had a bad year for decision making. But the deflate gate scandal just opened more can of worms about his decision making process. Listen I agree Brady should serve a suspension for his part in deflate gate which is a big part because he knew and authorize others to do what they did with the footballs , but there is a right way and a wrong way to do this process and maybe it’s just me but every time Goodell makes a ruling it becomes a battle with the players. There is no rhyme or reason to his decisions.

Rants:Carmelo Anthony: No matter how much everyone tries to spin it Carmelo can’t be happy with the Knicks roster as it stands right now. This isn’t what he signed up for and bought into Phil Jackson for. Jackson was looked at as a magnet for big name free agents to come to New York to play with Carmelo not shy away from. So why is Carmelo in the rant category? Last season he had a choice to make, Money or Winning? He chose money because the Knicks could and did pay him the most money.He knew then this team would have a down side since many of the players were going to be gone after the season.  He had better places to go to win…Chicago and Houston were better places to go to win. Yet he choose the money which pushed the Knicks in a financial corner cap wise. By leaving 5 million on the table he though he was being a team player…but he took 124 million so much for that. He made his choice so let’s stop hearing how unhappy he is or stop hearing others thry to spin it about how he is hungry …enough already. If you truly believe in yourself get healthy play well and the rest will take care of itself.

Raves: New York Mets…Last week their were getting killed (I ripped them hard about not upgrading the team enough) and was in the rants column for failing to get Carlos Gomez and the trade fell apart. Wilmer Flores was crying, the fan base was angry and Sandy Alderson was under intense pressure to do something. Then Detroit, made Yoenis Cespedes available at the last minute and saved the Mets season and possibly saved Sandy Alderson from even more pressure. The trade gave the team a much needed lift and the fan base rallied behind it and the Mets have been rolled since. Now they are in first place with the Nationals chasing them now. The season has real juice to it now.

Raves: Kansas City Royals … they are running away with the American League Central and added Johnny Cueto to their staff. They looking to prove last season’s run to the post season was no fluke.

Raves: Terrell Pryor …his career as a NFL quarterback as pretty much done…but he has re-emerged as a wide receiver with the Cleveland Browns. He has received rave reviews from his wide receiver coach Joker Philips: “The guy is starving to be taught the techniques. He knows the system. I don’t have to coach the alignments. I don’t have to coach assignment. I don’t have to coach adjustments,” Phillips said. “[Pryor] has really, really good ball skills. He has really strong hands. He’s able to pluck the ball. He’s got really natural ball skills. His hand placement is correct the majority of the time.” How this will play out during the season remains to be seen, but maybe Tim Tebow could learn alittle something from this and try another position.

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