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Smallthoughts: Did you Catch this ?

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‘You can’t assault’: Teixeira blasts fan in incident-filled game

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t need did Mark Teixeira. Foul territory is a dangerous place for both the players and the fans. Momentum of a game shifts if a fan over reaches and becomes fair territory when a player tries to make a play, (Think Jeffery Maier the Baltimore Orioles in the playoffs vs the Yankees on a ball hit by Derek Jeter). Fast forward to now …the play in question Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays.

The fan definitely got a bit aggressive in pursuit of the ball, but to his credit, he at least waited until Teixeira dropped it to go after it. But Teixeira, who missed nearly the entire 2013 season with a wrist injury, did not take kindly to the contact. From the New York Post: Teixeira, who snapped at the fan following the run-in, summed up the day: “You can insult. You can’t assault. We know you are upset we lost three in a row. Keep it to insults.”… As for Teixeira’s play, the first baseman said: “He ran into me. He really wanted that baseball. I’m all right, thank God.”

It’s not clear if Teixeira was referring to the Gardner incident or his own when he mentioned “assault.” If it’s the latter, Mark Teixeira apparently has a really, really low bar for assault, as the contact was clearly accidental and the fan immediately backed off with a “my bad” gesture when Teixeira blew up.

Here is the play in question and feel to share your thoughts



  1. I think once the fan went after a dropped ball it now is in his domain to do so. The fan’s seats are his territory not the players. The fan never obstructed Teixeira who had a clear path to the ball . The fact that the fan went after the ball while Teixeira was in a prone position, to me, was a bit over zealous but I don’t believe that his intent was to harm Tex in any way. He went after a souvenir which was in the fan’s area and even gestured he was sorry for leaping across the seats for a dropped ball. No harm, no foul.

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