Smallthoughts:Rants and Raves

Rants: Cris Carter… What was Cris Carter thinking when he told a bunch of rookies that they should have a fall guy when they get into trouble? How about just tell them not to get into trouble in the first place and you wouldn’t need to worry about having a fall guy or anything else?

Rants:Michael Vick… Once a upon a time Vick was the guy you game planned for, he was the face of the league at one point. He was on the cover of the Madden Football game. Then the dog scandal ruined his career and basically he hasn’t been the same since. His career has had some weird twist …Philly , The Jets and now he is a back up in Pittsburgh…wow …how the mighty have indeed fallen.

Rants: Phil Jackson…Some time I try not to take everything Phil Jackson say seriously but when he says that Porzingus is too tall for the NBA, that was huh? Headscratcher,hey Phil you know you did draft the guy right?

Raves: Wilmer Flores… What’s that expression about the best trades never made? Since the collapsed trade to Milwaukee, Flores has been getting key hits and made some solid plays in the field. He is not the smoothest of fielders, but he has come up big at the plate for the Mets this season, and he is able to play third, shortstop and second in a pinch and has finally looked more comfortable at second base, which should the Mets not bring back Daniel Murphy after the season, you can see Flores being the opening day second baseman.

Raves: Pittsburgh Pirates… Maybe it’s because I saw the Pirates sweep three games from the Mets recently or watch them beat the Giants but wow these guys are good, situational hitters …I wouldn’t want to play them in the playoffs, they are battle tested and very smart, They will be a tough out for anyone in the postseason this year.

Raves: New York Mets…After being awful since 2009 it is good to see the boys in Queens get real good again and play winning baseball. 7 wins in a row in first place by 61/2 games and have more pitching than they know what to do with has Met fans dreaming of a big post season…Finally!


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Welcome to Smallthoughtsinasportsworld. We keep it fun and we keep interesting and informative. On Tuesdays we go back in time with Old School Tuesdays, on Thursdays we keep it fun by Smallthoughts Trivia Thursday and on Fridays is Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week and Smallthoughts:Rave of the Week and we also post the answer from Smallthoughts:Trivia Thursday. I am a lifelong New York Mets, Knicks and Jets and Giants fan. I root hard for my teams and have rooted for them even when it wasn't and in some cases still isn't easy. I enjoy talking sports, and on here I get to write about it as well. I have my thoughts hence Small thoughts, we will not always agree, but respectfully speak about what we feel. I invite your comments and feedback as well. You can also follow me on twitter @bklynboy59 and facebook Jerry bklynboy Small

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