Brady’s Suspension Over Turned, What does this do for Goodell’s Standing ?

Guess who is going to be the quarterback for the New England Patriots for the first four games to start the season? You guessed it …Tom Brady. Brady won his case against the League. Goodell ended up looking really like a bully and in the end bullies usually get theirs. The 4 game suspension was overturned by a federal judge and if you are scoring at home on this this is another case that Goodell’s handed down suspensions are being over turned. The League’s Biggest star wasn’t going down without a fight and in the end he did what he always does…win.  So where does this put Roger Goodell? For all of this does he have a fall guy (like Cris Carter says you need to have). It does appear that Commissioner Goodell isn’t going anyway even after all of the drama of this past off season. The Owners hired him to a big time contract and they hired him to make them money …he has done that …once he stops doing that they will get rid of him and get someone else but for now he is staying put.

Goodell’s current deal runs through 2019, and who knows what a buyout might cost … $100 million? More? He’s not going anywhere. He’s the shield for The Shield.

But there will be some discussions to maybe refine his punishments and be more within reason and level of fairness. But as of right now this is a major win not just for Brady and the Patriots but for the players themselves, not that they had respect for Goodell or even themselves at this point but you have to think someone is going to want to see alot more reversals of the decisions that Goodell has handed down in his time as Commissioner. Will this reversal mean a opening of aa can of worms that Goodell and the League are not ready for? They hope not. But for the forseseeable future the players are stuck with Goodell as Commissioner until the owners decide otherwise and Brady is the league’s biggest star that wins …always wins.

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21 thoughts on “Brady’s Suspension Over Turned, What does this do for Goodell’s Standing ?

  1. The only standing Goodell now has , is the fact , he’s standing in his own fecal matter . He and Jeff Pash, SVP & Chief Legal Counsel to the NFL have to be two of the biggest idiots within the NFL hierarchy . How the team owners can continue to deal with the commissioner’s incompetency, defies all logic and reasoning .

      1. The NFL may well be making a great deal of money , but Goodell’s continued incompetency is dragging down the NFL and its image. Do you honestly believe it is in the best interests of the league to have him remain as its chief executive ?
        Were this a publicly traded company (NFL) , he would have been fired long ago . What upside has there been throughout the negative publicity garnered concerning Deflate-Gate ?

      2. Your points are good but just one thing the owners are going to let Goodell continue as commissioner. They even said as much. His incompetence is more about what the owners don’t want to do…replace him with someone else

      3. They have to replace him (Roger Goodell) and by doing so, I mean with an outsider. Goodell was Paul Tagliabue’s heir-apparent , and Tagliabue was unopposed in naming him only for the owners to then rubber stamp the succession with a vote . What does that tell you about the NFL in general ?

        This commissioner from one initiative to the next is simply proving what imbecile he just happens to be. The press lap up his bull#hit , while the apathetic fans across the NFL landscape seem not at all concerned . Jeff Pash as a SVP & Chief Legal Counsel for the league (NFL) chose not to testify in the Deflate-Gate case further rendering the NFL’s position and the evidence gathered in the Wells’ Report which in large part was a great deal of hearsay and unsubstantiated. The so called text messages were nothing more than messages that didn’t detail an act of deliberate misdeed or intent. So what was the basis of what the league had as evidence to pursue this all , other than it being a vendetta and pis#ed off owners ?

        Incompetency seems to be the norm within the US , when it comes to the federal government , many of its major corporations and most certainly among the hierarchies of professional (MLB, NBA , NHL & NFL) and amateur sports (NCAA) . Agree or disagree ?

      4. I respect your comments and opinions. But let’s keep it about sports here and not about the government. In every sport NBA,NFL ,NHL MLB it is the Owners that hire the Commissioner. MLB HIRED AN OUTSIDER Peter Ubberoth how did that work out? The owners hire someone like themselves to make them money and more and more money however they can. The bad part is if they did hire and outsider it would have to be someone who never heard of the NFL.My point their reach is real deep and it’s hard to determine who doesn’t have a agenda with the league. And more to my original point if and when Goodell cost the league money and it stops being a money grab then he will be out as commish. I till then the power behind the throne will change how he administers discipline and put together better guidelines on how to deal with runaway behavior by the players

  2. They hire them and we see the microcosm across the whole diaspora be it sports or politics. There is simply incompetence on show and it has led to the decline of this country and its international standing. I digress , because there is so much apathy among the electorate to begin with . LOL,LOL !!! Elitism and the misplace belief the US still remains a dominant power . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    1. This is a sports blog and the topics we comment about are sports related…let’s not turn this into politics. Many of the readers use sports and the topics to escape from the political topics of the day so let’s keep it on sports. If you want to offer opinions about the owners hiring of Goodell and the incompetent job of administrating of discipline I’m with you on that. But let’s keep the political commentary off the sports blog.

      1. Sports and politics are intertwined or hadn’t you noticed that with the lobbying that takes place up on Capitol Hill so that the antitrust exemption is kept intact so that the likes of the NFL , NBA , NHL MLB and NCAA can remain tax exempt, while soiling the waters of what they claim to a competitive playing field within amateur and professional sports ? How the hell do you think some of these stadiums get built within many of the cities across the nation ?

      2. How does any of these comments have to do with Tom Brady deflate gate Roger Goodell the original topic that I bought up in the first place? You took something that was a sports topic a hot topic of the moment and blew it out of proportion and made it about politics. I asked you to please keep it on sports and then your answer is to come back and still try to make it about politics and how staduims get built and how they are intertwined…which understand it better than you know, but none of what you mentioned none of what your comments about had anything to do with …the topic at hand which was and still is Tom Brady winning his appeal against Gooddell and the NFL and how bad it has made the league and in particular Goodell look when handing out discipline to players in this case Brady. My comment to you was and still is let’s keep it about sports here and leave views of how the world sees certain countries out of it here. Many readers come to sports blogs like this to get away from the topics of politics .There are other blogs that specialize in that genre(politics) where views and comments are debated about like the one you offered but here at this blog we keep it about sports.

      3. There was nothing substantive in the Wells Report , Furthermore if Jeff Pash as the NFL’s Chief Legal Counsel refused to take the stand to explain the league’s position then what would make you believe the NFL was in good standing in the presentation of their case to begin with ?

      4. I agree the League didn’t handle this right but there is no denying that the patriots deflated the footballs Brady knew about it, encouraged it and there was communication between him and other parties about it , If you read a report on ESPN.Com which was pretty lengthy shows since at least spygate the Patriots have been cheating was caught and reported on by the League. Also according to that report The Owners felt that Goodell went light on the Patriots on Spy Gate mainly because Goodell was beholding to Kraft for helping become commissioner. His punishment in deflate gate was looked upon as make up punishment by the Owners which is why Kraft was so upset. There was enough to make the Patriots have the equipment people be the fall guys on Deflategate and there was enough evidence for Brady to ditch his phone.

      5. There has been widespread cheating within professional sports for years and the media as well as the hierarchies themselves have never really given a damn . Roger Goodell continues to be an embarrassment to the league. His handling of Spygate (first go around the Patriots / a joke) , Bountygate with the Saints , another mess and now Deflate Gate. It is a pattern of behavior within the NFL , that the owners and the league simply have never given a damn about Now all of a sudden the league and fans are up in arms ?

        It is another sign of the ongoing apathy within sports at all levels right down to even high school sports. There is no longer any purity within athletics at any of the levels in question and the athletes themselves continue to be poor role models for the kids.

      6. Nothing with regard to the idiocy here concerning professional sports on the North American landscape. I mean look at the idiocy of the US Justice Department wanting to indict and try members (senior executives) of FIFA for fraud and grand larceny , but these same idiots (Justice Dept) have failed to go after Lance Armstrong, with the cyclist having defrauded the USPS (Post Office) and taxpayer out of over $35 million he received by way of sponsorship monies received during his years as a seven-time Tour de France champion .

        The US Post Office still remains a money losing concern subsidized by the federal government , at the taxpayers expense. Utter stupidity or what ? Consider the US Defense Department also pays the NFL and MLB to play the Star Spangled banner, when honoring US military servicemen and women at their sports’ events and yet there seems to be no outcry concerning this among fans ?

        Explain to me where the actual priorities for this hierarchies now lay ?

      7. You said a mouthful but you still didn’t answer my question which is are you still going to watch sports? I didn’t say sports in the US just sports period.

      8. I’ll watch sports such as MMA , can’t stand boxing at present at remains a joke with the likes of Pacquiao , Mayweather and either of the Klitschko brothers whether or not they’re fighting (boxing) or faking love for their homeland (Ukraine) . Track and field remains something of a morass , with the exception of the excitement provided by Usain Bolt .

        If Michael Phelps isn’t hitting the Kush , is anyone interested if he’s actually in a swimming pool ?

        As an expat Brit , I will take European soccer over the incompetency seen here with regard to the NFL , NBA , MLB and NHL . Furthermore , I would take F1 (Formula One) over NASCAR or the joke they call IRL (Indy Racing League) ! So there you have it, my answer to your question as to watching sports , because the fans here are nowhere as knowledgeable or that enlightened when it comes to sports , much less the world in general .

      9. Well it took awhile but you did answer my question. If we look at the glass half empty we are always going to find everything wrong with everything including the sports you do follow but where you live or what country you are from shouldn’t have a bearing on it.I did notice that you did manage to back door your comments into politics again. Your disdain for the US is duly noted …but this is a sports blog not a political one let’s refrain from making disparaging remarks about countries.

    1. Glass is half empty and half-full ? Indicate to me where the NFL , NBA , NHL , NCAA and MLB have remotely done anything to try and clean up their respective sports with regard to athlete conduct on or off the field ?

      The conduct we see being displayed , is as equally repugnant as that of the political leaders we see within our midst , Yet there remains a great deal of apathy which you yourself would rather gloss over , rather than trying to address in any way. Glossing over tends to be what this country does best , on so many levels, even when it deals with the world of sports and with regard to social endeavors .

      My disdain for this country , comes from the lack respect it has for its own military veterans and that includes those tend to wrap themselves in the flag concerning patriotism but then look the other way if a vet is within their midst. Speaking as someone who spent ten years as a Marine (UK) with active duty in various parts of the globe . It is abhorrent to men and women who have served their country being treated with such disdain by its own government and sectors of the populace . Get it ?

      1. Last time …this is a sports blog it’s about sports not politics the miltary or nothing else. As for glossing over …steroids have been dealt with violence has been called out here and this is in regards Ray Rice , Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriquez etc. The topics here are about sports not about politics yes sometimes real life spills into the sports pages like Sheldon Richardson high speed chase with a loaded gun and a 12 year old in the car. For many sports is a diversion from the main issues of life many of the readers of this space are from all over the world and some come to enjoy what is some times light sometime harsh and sometimes just funny…like Bartolo Colon’s behind the back flip to first base …which I am sure you paid no attention to. I appreciate the fact you did take the time to read the post about Goodell and Brady and deflate gate…but at this point you went so far off the rails that the point of the ruling on Brady was lost. As stated your disdain was dully noted move on… I did ask you twice to keep it on the topic, not to make it political and yet you continue to do so. So now need for further comments on your views that are not on the topic of sports. Get it?

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