Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Is Roger Goodell out of Control? Can Curt Schilling learn to control what he says? Trent Richardson …how bad are you if the Raiders cut you? RG3 keep your Head up….Elvis Andrus …stole home  with  pitcher facing you? gutsy move!


Rants: Roger Goodell…Is not a well liked man with the NFL owners right now. Every time he makes disciplinary judgement it is not only questioned but reversed and the heavy handed commissioner has been handed a bitter defeat against Tom Brady for his suspension in deflate gate. With all the drama of deflate gate , Ray Rice, Adrien Peterson  and Greg Hardy you wonder how long will it be before the Owners pull the plug on and out of control Goodell. It is the owners who hired him in the first place and it was the owners who wanted to knock Brady down a peg or two…and Goodell loss that battle.

Rants: Curt Schilling … It’s one thing to be opinionated and know when to draw the line, but it is quite another to be opinionated and bring your bosses into political controversies…first he compared Muslims to Nazis , that was bad enough,so as a consequence he was removed from recent  broadcast for a short spell, then he went further even after ESPN was willing to return him back to cover baseball, then Schilling put his foot in it again by this time ripping one of his own coworkers at ESPN Chris Mortensen. So now he is benched for the rest of the season and the playoffs …ouch. This just lends credence to the saying ” If you have nothing good to say …say nothing at all”

Rants:Trent Richardson…Wow how the mighty have fallen, former number draft pick of the Cleveland Browns has been cut by the Raiders after being let go by the Colts who traded draft picks to get him from Cleveland in the first place. How bad must you be for the Raiders to cut you when they need all the help they can get?

Raves:Robert Griffin III… Despite having lost his starting job to Kirk Cousins, I am going to give the Redskins number 1 pick of 2012 out of Baylor the benefit of the doubt and believe he still at 25 has a lot left in the tank if not for the Redskins then another team that can and will make better use of his skills. Look if Tim Tebow can get second and third and fourth chances ….

Raves: Elvis Andrus …Brave soul for stealing home from third with a righthanded pitcher on the mound. What’s so special about that You ask?  Simple, lefthanded pitchers have their backs to the runner at third so they have a disadvantage, but righthanded pitchers are facing the runner at third so…how come the pitcher didn’t see the runner in this case Andrus stealing home with the catcher screaming …home home home…? Brave brave indeed.

Raves:New York Mets … Fair is fair My Mets usually end up on the rants for not doing enough to improve the team but look around …Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, Yoenis Cespedes the retrun of David Wright and this team has a 6 game lead on the Washington Nationals…Pitching, Pitching and more pitching is what will win the division for the Amazin’s in the stretch run against the Nationals …on paper the Nationals maybe the better team but that is why the play the games …

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