Matt Harvey, Scott Boras and Mets …Timing of all of this

Matt Harvey is 12-7 with a 2.60 ERA this season. (AP)

This whole mess with Matt Harvey and his innings limit should have went away in a few words from the star pitcher himself …Scott your my agent … you work for me …keep quiet on the innings limit. Instead either Boras acted on his own or in behalf of Harvey in either case the pitcher (Harvey) looks bad and to make matters worse his performance on the field against the Nationals didn’t make him look good either.(He gave up 7 runs 3 on a misplayed ball by Cespedes). I understand that it is the agent’s job to look after his clent and nobody does that like Scott Boras, but you have to wonder one …the innings limit couldn’t that have been handled in private between the player and the team, what does Harvey stand to go public with that? And the bigger question …Why Now? Why Bring it up now? It is a three ring circus that serves no purpose for the team trying to win the division. Where does Sandy Alderson fit in all this? Right in the middle. If he says look Matt you pitch when we need you to pitch you alienate the player and strengthen the Player and Agent’s resolve, if you look like you cave and say yes Matt 180 is the limit then it looks like Harvey and Boras are running the Mets.  Listen I don’t feel great about Alderson to begin with, he turned the Mets into a small market team in a big city like New York which is hard to do, he often treats the fans and media with a disconnect that makes fans not trust that he will make the right move. He needs to say look we have babied you all season with pitch counts skipped turns in the rotation and with a six man rotation which you balked at and said you wanted to pitch every 5th day which if we didn’t baby you along you would have exceed 180 innings and then what would have said?

After Harvey’s performance tonight he and Boras have less starch in them to state what they want. The timing is all wrong for this conversation, it makes Harvey and Boras look selfish and all about something you have 3 more years to deal with down the road. If Harvey was in his walk year now …ok maybe I could see it, but his walk year isn’t for another 3 years..alot can and will change in that time. Who knows maybe at that point we will be sick of both Harvey and Boras with their ill timed ill advised hey I have a 180 innings limit statement and we will be more than happy to see him go. Or maybe the Mets will win it all Harvey will like the feeling and will like it enough to stay …but that is 3 years down the road. Why act like a bully now when you really don’t have that leverage until later ?

Again the timing is strange and this is more about the timing and making everyone look bad for what reason?

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