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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: Jamal Charles…fumbles not once but twice and the second was costly, the fumble was recovered by the Broncos which ended up being the game winner …31-24 and this was after Denver was losing 24-17 with a little more than 2 minutes left in the game … Ok all you Friday morning quarterbacks (Game was played on Thursday night) I know you all are going to say why was Charles running the ball when the Quarterback Alex Smith should have taken a knee and play for overtime? Let’s look at it another way , what if Charles breaks loose and runs it all the way for a score and the Chiefs win? then Coach Reid looks like a genius right and no one is hard on Jamal Charles especially since he fumbled earlier in the game. But that isn’t what happened and apparently Andy Reid thought maybe he wanted to send a message to his running back …I have faith in you…needless to say it didn’t work out as planned, this one is be second guessed for a long time.

Rants: Jason Pierre Paul… Not sure after seeing the picture of his hand with the missing fingers how he is going to play. part of playing is the ability to grab, yes I know players break their hands and still play but there is something there. In JPP’s case he is missing 2 fingers and most of his thumb sorry …I think it’s going to be hard for him to play with that at the level he played before the fireworks incident. I think the Giants were correct in pulling their offer off the table. He has to prove he can play otherwise, we may have seen the last of JPP’s career. All this over messing with fireworks …what was he thinking?

Rants: New York Daily News…Things must be hard at the News if they let go most of the sports department in particular Mike Lupica and Bill Madden, how much longer before the News is no longer in business?

Raves:New York Mets …Met fans breathe …can’t win every game but…the Magic number is 9 and you just picked up a half game on the Nationals who were beaten by the Miami Marlins  so…breathe this is 2015 not 2007, 2008.

Raves:Peyton Manning …On Thursday night against the Kansas City Chief he made history by becoming the second player to reach 70,000 yards in his career … not bad for player everyone thought was done right? by the way the first player to reach that milestone? Bret Farve 71,838 yards …Wow!

Raves:Texas Rangers …at the trading deadline the Rangers made the deal for Cole Hammels and everyone scratched their heads saying what are they doing …they were  50-52, and remained seven games out of the division lead in the American League West. Look at the standings now…28-15 since the deadline 79-67 and a two and half game lead over the Houston Astros …The Rangers completed the 3 game sweep of the Astros Thursday night with a 8-2 victory.


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