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Can We Do Away With The Pitch Count?

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I don’t recall if I have listened to a game this year where the word pitch count wasn’t used prominently throughout the broadcast and used later in the post game press conference. This year the Mets have resorted to using a 6 man rotation as way to meet innings limits for Matt Harvey as he bounces back from Tommy john surgery. Recently both he and his agent out of the blue that the Mets need to honor 180 innings limit …Crazy right? A few years back Stephen Strasberg pitching for the Washington Nationals was shut down or not allowed to pitch the rest of the season because the team was concerned about pitch counts…then he ended being injured anyway requiring Tommy John surgery. Matt Harvey the Mets star pitcher is back after spend the past 18 months recovering from Tommy John surgery. In both case I could see the need for inning limits or pitch counts for now. But why do we need pitch counts for every pitcher? It becomes awful to see a pitcher go only 6 innings because a manager says well he was near a 85-90 pitch count. I could be wrong but I recall Tom Seaver pitching deep into the game …8 innings or maybe ran out of gas in the 9th inning, but leave the game after 6 innings? Was he hurt? 6 innings …Seaver was just getting warmed up. It just becomes too much of hearing about pitch count pitch count, we have to lift the pitcher so we can bring in our relief pitchers 7 , 8 and 9th innings otherwise they get upset… Baseball more than any other sport has always been a numbers game, I get that but it has become even more of a numbers thing with pitch counts and Innings limits (Thank you Matt Harvey). General Managers make moves and dictate to managers what players need to play against certain pitchers or against certain teams based on numbers …This trend has made this a game of specialist…maybe we shouldn’t call pitchers, pitchers anymore , maybe we should call them …6 inning specialists.


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