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Mets win the National League East …Leaving the Nationals fighting among themselves

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In case you missed it this weekend the noise you heard is every New York Met fan letting out a long overdue yell when the New York Mets officially won the National League east Division title. Yes I know I am a little late in giving kudos to the Mets, but better late than never. So Congratulations to the Mets. This was a team their fans wanted to root for and for a while it was looking like this team couldn’t get out of it’s own way and ownership seemed determined not to spend money or make moves to up grade this roster. Boy did it have us fooled. Then in a blink Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson were added, Michael Conforto was promoted from the minors, the trade that almost was didn’t happen and left Wilmer Flores crying and Zach Wheeler pleading to ownership not to trade him. Then the trade …THE TRADE, did happen Yoenis Cespedes  became a Met in a trade deadline deal with the Tigers. It galvined the fan base and Citifield rocked like Shea used to when Darryl, Doc, Keith and Gary Carter played there, Citifield rocked like it did when Mike Piazza played there. Citifield finally became home to the Mets.The hitting along with the stub pitching sent the Mets after the Nationals then in blink the Mets caught and then swept the Nationals or as one person said the Crashinals, then took possession of first place and never looked back. To be fair this team has flaws …the bullpen from the 7 and 8 inning gets shaky and Familiar despite his success squeezes the ball in tight moments a little too much for my comfort level in the 9th inning, the hitting can come and go and then they start swing at the first pitch (Travis darnaud) but it is the Pitching the starting pitching that kept them close when everything else was weak and it gave them every chance to win and stay close to the Nationals when the Nationals choked away the division. In some ways this is a lot more like 1973 than 2006. Some predicted the Mets would make the post season as a wildcard but no one saw them winning the division outright from the Nats. On Paper that Nats were better deeper and had better pitching or at least more experienced pitching. Guess what …it didn’t matter in the final analysis the Mets overcame it all including bad moments that they brought on themselves with bad plays bad baserunning  or lack there of. In 1973 it was the pitching that held them close and then Tug Mc Graw had the rally cry ” Ya Gotta Believe” well to some extent maybe the Carlos Gomez trade that wasn’t that would have included Zach Wheeler and Wilmer Flores was a rally cry of sorts as Wilmer cried and on that night the negativity that surrounded the franchise died. There was no turning back the Mets went and traded for Cespedes and there was no looking back. Met fans enjoy the ride, don’t worry about the offseason, or whether the Mets will resign Cespedes that is a battle for another day, the post season is here and the Nationals are no where to be found …and what of the Nationals ? Well last heard they were fighting among themselves and the Manager Matt Williams is on the hot seat and chances are he may not back next season and some of the players as well. The last 3 games were supposed to mean something for both the Mets and Nationals …the Mets will use those games as a tune up for the post season the Nationals you have to wonder if they will even bother to show up …

But Smallthoughtsinasportsworld congratulates the New York Mets 2015 National League East Division Champs.



  1. Actually Doc, Keith, Gary and those guys never played at Citifield.

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