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What did we Learn from both Wildcard games?

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In a one game playoff home field didn’t matter at least to the visiting team because both the Astros and the Cubs came into new York and Pittsburgh and walked out with wins to advance to the next round against Kansas City and St Louis respectively. If there was any doubt of whether the Astros were for real …well for one game they were. I wonder if the results would have been the same if this was a 3 game series instead of a one game playoff? How long do you think it will be before someone says let’s make this a best of three series? Guess the two reasons they would do it…Money and More Money.

We learned that it pays to win your division otherwise the risk of playing the wildcard game is you lose you’re out, for the Yankees it was if they didn’t make the postseason, they always expected to go deep in the playoffs if not go all the way to the world series, instead one and done.

The Yankees are always expected to make the post season, The Houston Astros weren’t expected to be here for at least a couple of more years, but here they were. A one game playoff to advance to play the Kansas City Royals. The Yankees sent their ace Masahiro Tanaka, who went 12-7 with a 3.51 ERA for New York in 2015. The Astros countered with Dallas Keuchel who posted a 20-8 record and earned run average (ERA) of 2.48 for the Astros this season. You would think the Yankees experience would be a deciding factor against the Astros, but as we all know come postseason nothing is beyond the realm of reality.

For the Pirates and Cubs they have been beating each other all season and a real good team was going to go home tonight regardless. Great pitching by Jake Arrieta did in the Pirates only once did they really have him against the ropes bases loaded one out in the 6th and a doubleplay ball ended the threat after that …it was game set match Cubs with some fire works as the two teams had a pushing and shoving match after Jake Arrieta was hit by a pitch. But no punches were thrown no one was ejected and Arrieta pitched a complete game shutout over the Pirates.

We learned the Cubs are good in a one game playoff with Arrieta, can he do again in a best of 7 series? we will find out in the next round against the  Cardinals.


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