Smallthoughts: Mets Playoff Hero… Daniel Murphy…Who Knew?

Game 3

He has 6 post season homeruns and his name isn’t Yoenis Cespedes, nope it isn’t the streaky Lucas Duda either, it is believe it or not Daniel Murphy. Yes the Daniel Murphy who couldn’t cut it in leftfield, didn’t hit for enough power to play first base regularly and had to work at being an adequate second baseman on his best day…yes that Daniel Murphy, the same Murphy who can hit a baseball but can’t run the bases well to save his life or make bad base running blunders that drove Met fans crazy for years. Yet it is the same Daniel Murphy who on a walk to Lucas Duda raced all the way to third base from first with no one paying attention in game 2 of the NLCS that led to an all important run that tied the game.

So tell me if you have been paying attention to the Mets and Daniel Murphy for the past 5 seasons especially the last 4 is there anything that said to you …that Daniel Murphy had this streak this power surge in him? His career high in homeruns before this season is 13. By baseball standards he isn’t a homerun hitter not like in the class of Lucas Duda or Yoenis Cespedes or even David Wright. He doesn’t walk a lot, doesn’t run well on the bases, doesn’t steal bases and yet here he is the hello of game 2 and game 3 and playing for a new contract for next season and beyond. There is a lot of talk that the Mets are not going to resign Daniel Murphy for all the reasons we just mention and the fact that they have options (Cheaper) like Wilmer Flores and Dilson Herrera to replace Murphy at 2nd base.

It will be interesting to see what Murphy’s value is in baseball, is he more valuable as a utility infielder like that Mets use him now? Or have the Mets undervalued Murphy and his skills? We will find out the answer to that soon enough once the world series is over and the offseason begins.In the meantime this has to be the time of Murphy’s life, the fact that he is doing this hitting and smart base running  in the national spot light and at a time when the Mets need it the most can’t hurt his value …whatever that maybe. The Mets are on the brink of pushing the Cubs out of the playoffs, they are one game away from the world series the first time since 2000(against the New York Yankees) and it is the one who can’t field, can’t run , who is leading the charge …Daniel Murphy…who knew!

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5 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Mets Playoff Hero… Daniel Murphy…Who Knew?

    1. It sure looks that way…things haven’t gone well for the boys from Flushing since 2006 when Carlos Beltran took a call third strike vs Adam Wainwright and the St Louis Cardinals …so hopefully this will be the year ….we win it all

  1. Did you hear the statistic recited by Steve Sommers on the Fan the night that Murphy hit that dramatic home run vs the Dodgers? I can’t make this up if I tried….
    Sommers said that Daniel Murphy, and only one other player has ever hit a home run vs the Dodgers, from the sixth inning on to break a tie in a postseason game! I kid you not Jerry. Now I love stats as you know but this is just too convoluted for me!
    Oh and by the way, the other player to accomplish this feat was Mickey Mantle.

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