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Mets are National League Champs …Is World Series Champs Next for the Team in Queens?

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In 1973 Tug Mc Graw coined the phrase Ya gotta believe! Well here in 2015 repeat after me Met fans  We Believe!

The Mets didn’t waste a game and didn’t waste time the dropped the hammer on the Chicago Cubs final score 8-3 in Chicago. in 1973 the Mets clinched the division in Chicago so it is only fitting that they clinched a world series berth in Chicago as well. And on a personal note I became a Met fan in the summer of 1969, and the team the Mets played at the time that I became interested in the Mets was the Chicago Cubs.

This victory, this feeling that Met fans have right now …is long over due. This is the feeling fans wanted to have with the team in 2006, we know how that turned out. 2007 and 2008 left bitter taste as the team choked away the division not once but twice…and faded away every since. So from 2009 to this season Met fans wanted to have a team to believe in wanted a reason to root hard for, wanted every reason to feel that this team would be a team to be reckoned with. Disappointment after disappointment then a change in General Managers from Omar to Sandy and the pain staking task of rebuilding a team into a winner again, with an ownership who was unwilling to spend money whether it was due to the Madoff scandal or not ownership would not spend money on big ticket money free agents. As I write this it is possible we Met fans would not appreciate this run that this team is on with out the hardships, would not appreciate the players for the work and hard effort if this was happening sooner than now.

This is a good feeling , better a great feeling as a Met fan, loyalty rewarded finally even when things looked very bleak this season, the offense could score more than 2 runs a game…the pitching effort was getting wasted and then Sandy Alderson woke up and realized the team was in the hunt and could play meaningful games right now, finally he did something about it trading for Kelly Johnson and  Juan Uribe promoting from Double A ball Michael Conforto and of course trading for Yoenis Cespedes. Since then the Mets have become a offensive juggernaut and Terry Collins hitting all the right buttons at the right time as the team’s manager.

The Cubs swept the Mets during the regular season so I no reason to believe we would sweep the Cubs this easy. None. To be fair we didn’t do well against the National Central’s top 3 teams of the Cardinals, Pirates and Cubs the Cubs and Pirates swept us, so the feeling was one oh well it’s been a great season so far …but Cubs are good and they had the hottest pitcher in the league …Jake Arrieta. We had the hottest hitter on the planet …Daniel Murphy! What a mismatch …who knew!!!!

So the Mets are going to the World Series first time since 2000, so it doesn’t matter if they play in Kansas City or Toronto …We won the division (Division Champs) Now we are the National League Champs…So why not be the New York Mets 2015 World Series Champs!!!!

I believe!


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