Dykstra Blackmailed Umpires using a Private Investigation Team

In his own words on  Colin Cowherd’s show “The Herd” Former Met and Phillie Lenny Dykstra dropped a bomb when admitted he blackmailed umpires into getting better calls at the plate by using a private investigation team to  get the dirt on the umps.

“It wasn’t a coincidence, do you think, that I led the league in walks the next two years, was it?” Dykstra asks Cowherd. “Fear does a lot to a man.” “I said, ‘I need these umpires [to help me at the plate],’ so what do I do? I just pulled a half-million bucks out and hired a private investigation team,” Dykstra says. “Their blood is just as red as ours. Some of them like women, some of them like men, some of them gamble.”

The one word that comes to mind with Lenny Dykstra is…crazy…who would think to get dirt on people they work with to gain a edge on ball and strikes …This is embarrassing to anyone who played baseball at any level whether it’s stick ball hardball softball minor league baseball. Seriously!

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6 thoughts on “Dykstra Blackmailed Umpires using a Private Investigation Team

  1. Sickening!! The moral of this disgusting story is that everyone can be bought. “Nails” just dropped to the bottom of my list of players I loved to watch. He’s a lowlife!!!

    1. Can’t argue with that. Every met fan that hated seeing him traded to Philly now feels that the Mets at that time did the right thing getting rid of someone who stooped to such a low level to be a star. especially when he didn’t have to.

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