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The Scandal that Won’t go Away…DeFlate Gate is Back Courtesy of the NFL

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Roger Goodell (AP)

If you thought Deflate Gate was done and over with…guess again…

The NFL officially filed its appeal of Judge Richard M. Berman’s decision in federal court on Sept. 3 that vacated New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady‘s four-game suspension.

“Stripped of its celebrity, this case involves a straightforward exercise of authority expressly granted under a collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) and shielded from collateral attack by decades of precedent concerning labor arbitrations. The National Football League’s collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association affords the NFL Commissioner broad authority to impose discipline for conduct “detrimental to the integrity of, or public confidence in, the game of professional football.” Exercising that authority, which mirrors the broad discretion given to commissioners in other sports to ensure the integrity of the game, the Commissioner suspended Tom Brady, quarterback on the New England Patriots, for four games after finding that Brady had participated in a scheme to deflate game balls to be used in a conference championship game. The scheme was aimed at gaining and unfair competitive advantage on the field, and it was devised to avoid detection by game officials. It struck at the heart of the game’s integrity and the public’s confidence in the NFL’s on-field product. The Commissioner’s conduct detrimental authority exists for incidents just like this.”

So if Tom Brady needed more fuel to beat every team on the schedule the NFL has given him more reason to ugh!



  1. Let me pose this question if Roger Goodell believed this case could have been won then why was it the league’s Chief Legal Counsel & SVP Jeff Pash chose not to give any type of testimony in the original hearing ? At the same time league has sought to appeal the verdict in the US Appeals Court , which will not take place until late January at the latest. Goodell and Jeff Pash have proven to be imbeciles along with the NFLPA (union) , itself, on how they deal with issues concerning the game , its image on and off the field of play, Something all of the parties now involved in can take pride in .

  2. This is how insidious the NFL has now become . Prior to the start of the season after all of the bad publicity the league received , Roger Goodell sought the input of NOW (National Organization of Women) as to how best treat the issues of women . The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seeking to lure more women to their games initiates totally sexist based advertising campaign . Goodell then sees fit to slap Greg Hardy with a lenient sentence concerning his repeated acts of abuse against women

    When you have a bunch of Caucasian males and the @ss chewing ignorance of someone like DeMaurice Smith of the NFLPA (Players’ Union) . it is easy to just laugh at the league and the bunch of frigging clowns who run and ruin the game , along with the players who just don’t give #hit . We have yet to see any player within the NFL actually speak out against the issue of domestic violence .

    Furthermore . what does it indicate to you concerning the league when Goodell fines two players for wearing pink to commemorate cancer awareness and then the next minute here is the NFL making the pitch about their commemorating cancer awareness ? One of the players in question had seen his mother die of breast cancer , while the other had lost his mother who was slain (killed) by her ex-boyfriend. So tell me what it is it that is now meant to be so appealing about the NFL in terms of its social awareness ? .

    Meanwhile , a clown like DeMaurice Smith as Executive Director of the NFLPA (Players’ Union) bit#hes and whines about the overreach of the NFL Commissioner when he seeks to punish the players for their wrongdoing. Meanwhile the media are no better than the @ssholes within the league and union hierarchy with their continued proselytizing but actually failing to do what is right in terms of covering the malfeasance in any great depth.

    In terms of the play being seen this season on the field , the football remains as banal as ever , The results and the divisional standings speaks volumes as to the crap on the field the fans are now witnessing.

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Yet every Sunday we turn on the tv watch the games tailgate at the stadiums wear our favorite teams colors …all your points are fair there is a lot of shadiness when it comes to the NFL sadly violence towards women isn’t just in the NFL it has long been a stable in society as well and needs to stop. I have said before and I will always say it …no man has the right to put his hands toward a woman in a violent way period.

      • I watch the NFL sparingly now, because with the likes of Goodell and Smith ruining the league the game and spirit of real competition can’t really be enjoyed . From one week to the next it is one disaster after the other concerning the adverse publicity for the league. Roger Goodell is an incompetent imbecile who is ably abetted by the owners. As for the NFLPA , they make the drug cartels and the Roman Catholic Church seem like choirboy in terms of their premeditated actions on and off the field of play.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        MLB with its steroids, NBA with it’s drama, Boxing with is shadiness and the NFL with its circus like atmosphere it’s any wonder we still watch …but we love our sports because anything can and does happen in the field of play.

  3. I see the Mets are struggling, as they’re being outplayed by the Royals in the World Series .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      In the first two games that is true the Mets did struggle now that the series swifts to Citifield and back in New York where the Mets were 49-27 at home …let’s see how the series unfolds from this point.

  4. That may well be the case , but here’s the issue, Terry Collins has never managed in a World Series until this year and he has struggled , He is being out managed by Ned Yost and in terms of real adversity the Mets haven’t really faced any during the postseason until now .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Ned Yost until last year didn’t manage in the world series and …this year is back and …well for two games at least the Royals are a team that don’t make mistakes …in case you forgot the Mets did play the Dodgers 5 games and had to face Kershaw and Grienke , no show order and the very real possiblilty of losing the opening round so I’d say there was some real adversity going on.

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