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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: Lenny Dykstra …who admitted on Colin Cowheard’s show the Herd that he hired private investigators to get the dirt on umpires so he can get good calls at home plate…how low can you get to do that ?Seriously? Talk about undermining the interigty of the sport and not to mention going so low as to blackmail authority figures …he possed more of a threat to baseball than Pete Rose did and yet he is in baseball and Rose isn’t in the Hall of Fame?

Rants: Roger Goodell… not satisfied that the league lost it’s case against Tom Brady in Deflate gate they now filed an appeal …let it go seriously, unless Brady admits to anything which he won’t this is a dead issue plain and simple. Goodell needs to spend his time in better ways than to waste taxpayer dollars on glorified gamesmanship.

Rants: Joseph Randle …left the Dallas Cowboys‘ facility on Wednesday for personal reasons the day after learning he had lost his starting job, a move that reportedly frustrated team officials. Which was bad enough, but this just added to the growing mess that has happened in recent month for the running back…Randle ran afoul of the law twice in recent months amid allegations of shoplifting, domestic violence, and marijuana possession. Schefter indicated that it was a February incident that triggered the NFL’s investigation; Randle was arrested in Wichita, Kan. for possession of marijuana after police received a call from the mother of Randle’s son saying Randle broke a car window and threatened her with a gun. While those charges were dropped, the NFL continued its investigation. All this after saying that he was looking to be more of a team player and less of a complainer …”I just want to be somebody good around the locker room that’s not always mad about this and mad about that, making sure that I’m not a cancer in this locker room,” he said. “So I’m not going to be the one complaining for carries and all this different stuff like that. That’s not how I’m going to play.” I guess going AWOL is being a team player for what team?

Raves:Don Mattingly…It didn’t take long for Donnie Baseball to land in Miami as the Marlins new manager. He is armed with a new 4 year contract…he has played for George Steinbrenner so he knows a thing or two about impatient owners. Question is will  Jeffery Loria give Mattingly to turn the Marlins into a winner and stop the revolving door on managers under his ownership?

Raves:New England Patriots …I hate to admit it the Jet fan in me doesn’t want to say it …The Pats are running away and hiding on everybody in the AFC…can anyone beat the Pats please? The Jets gave them a good scare only to lose in the end , then the Pats beat the Dolphins now they are 7-0 …so when was the last time the NFL checked for deflated footballs on the Pats?…yeah I thought so.

Raves:Chris Paul…recently went on record saying he wants to finish his career as a Clipper. Things have changed a lot in Clipper land, there was a time when players would say they would rather be anywhere than be a Clipper and now CP3 wants to end his career in Los Angeles as a Clipper. Wow!



  1. Dykstra remains the consummate #ick , And it’s the same way with Curt Schilling and his ignorant rant after he was overlooked for induction into the Hall of Fame.

    As for Don Mattingly , he may well rue the day he made the decision to become the Marlins’ manager. Team executives , Jeffrey Loria , David Sansom and GM Michael Hill have ruined the franchise . The deal signed (thirteen years $325 million) by Giancarlo Stanton shows how clueless the ball-club just happens to be .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Loria is from the George Steinbrenner school of management. Which Mattingly is used to .The Marlins will be good one of the years he’s there and then they will trade o# their talent yet again .

      • Ryan Tannehill is overrated as a quarterback and doesn’t have the leadership skills much less the playing ability to lead that team to a deep postseason run. His statistics are there for all to see and when measured against the other quarterbacks in the NFL , he doesn’t measure up favorably at all.

        Schilling at best was good in the regular season, but all of the hype over the Bloody Socks and what he achieved with the Red Sox is essentially what the press will ply us with , in terms of their utter stupidity.

        There was nothing epic about this at all .

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Tannehill is an example of how rare a great quarterback is hard to come by.This is why most teams are 500 or below in the NFL. Schilling never was an all time great period.

      • One of the real inherent problems with the NFL has a great deal to do with the coaching . Granted there are one two very good coaches , but the coaching staffs in terms of the assistants , to my mind , it remains something of a joke !

      • bklynboy59 says:

        That’s because everyone hires their buddies. Each coach brings in their own people.. The NFL has a coach for just about every position. On the field…QB coach,running back coach receiver coach defensive line coach offense line coach secondary coach special teams coach then all those coaches report to the offensive and defensive coordinator so it’s a deep staff per team so there is a premium for a head coach to hire people he feels comfortable with or likes alot or has worked with on others staffs or has played with during their careers. So the buddy system is I. Effect but you can see how it happens.

      • Recycling coaches for a number of the head coaching positions leads to that old boy fraternity and network. Never mind the fact the coaches who have come from the college ranks in recent years haven’t really achieved a great deal of success with the exception of Pete Carroll over the past six years. Begs the question how bad are things really at the coaching level within the NFL and why haven’t the coaches who have progressed from the collegiate level had a great deal more success?

      • bklynboy59 says:

        The game in college is different. The game in the NFL is faster bigger strong and the egos and the money is crazy. The players make more than the coaches and the coaches have less control than they do in college

      • The College Game of Football of course is vastly different, but the coaching philosophy remains no different from the NFL , as it all about winning .

        NCAA Standings
        and that of the NFL divisional standings . (Click on link shown to view)

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Let me ask you this question is the coaching any different in soccer?

      • The owners in soccer aren’t as tolerant as they are in the NFL much less MLB. That being said , US businessmen who own Premiership teams remain so damn clueless , it has become a joke .

      • bklynboy59 says:

        So based on that comment the best run teams in soccer are owned by non American business men?

      • How are Liverpool and Manchester United deemed to be the best ran? The Glazers who own both Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have sought to refinance their debt used to purchase the English based soccer club.

        Liverpool FC is now owned by Fenway Sports Group the parent company of the Boston Red Sox . Look at the plight of the Red Sox this past season and the present situation of Liverpool by way of their lack of competitiveness.

        Liverpool as of now, are struggling to compete in the EPL (Premierleague)

        Liverpool’s previous owners were Tom Hicks and Ken Gillette who at the time. ended up placing the soccer club into bankruptcy and then they sold their ownership of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars (NHL) . Hicks and Gillette are no more astute businessmen as you could describe Lenny Dykstra as being a financial adviser. Yet somehow , Dykstra was licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and then managed to defraud his clients out of millions of dollars . American businessmen when it comes to owning a professional sports’ franchise outside the North American landscape are frigging clueless altogether.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Ok I get it. But you’re a soccer fan right?

      • bklynboy59

        I love all sports with the exception of NASCAR , NHL , and Lacrosse.

        Love soccer , because as kid born and raised in the UK it was the sports I raised on , Granted , I also played rugby, did track and field , then discovered the martial arts (karate , tae-kwondo , kenpo, muy-thai ) proficient enough to hold a black belt in karate , also taught to fellow soldiers , while serving in the British military)

        I am now an expat Brit, (West Indian parentage) living (two decades) in the US (Florida) and have become attuned with the nuances of the sports’ scene here. Some of the fans are often anal retentive and completely without a frigging clue a great deal of the time.

        Since when were the Seahawks among the elite within the NFL ? Merely. because of back to back Superbowl appearances ?

        I see the Mets couldn’t it done in game four of the World Series ? They are about to find out, just because it’s the postseason, Bill Buckner won’t be walking through door to come to their assistance.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        It isn’t like the NFL haven’t hired college coaches…Nick Saban …Jimmy Johnson among others…it’s a mixed bag depending on the situation they what into.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Plus the talent level is equal across the league. Very few dynasty teams with the Patriots and Packers and Seahawks being among the elite so that makes coaching that much more a deciding factor

      • Jeffrey Loria doesn’t posses the business acumen of George Steinbrenner and the fact that he and Bud Selig all but extorted the money out of the Miami and Miami Dade County Government , to get the Marlins’ Ballpark built , lets you know what he has been all about from the get-go.

        Need we be reminded , as the former owner of the Montreal Expos , Loria sold the team to the MLB hierarchy, with the league itself financing the sale ? They overpaid for the Expos and then made sure, at when Loria purchased the Marlins from Wayne Huizenga , the sale was done without any real scrutiny .

        Miami City Council and the mayor at the time Tomas Regalado still will not speak publicly as to the behind the scenes dealing that went with public financing being used to build the ball park which is barely filled for the team’s home games.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        He sure did hoodwinked Miami on the team and the stadium. Shameful how he has conducted his business there. Good luck on Miami Don Mattingly

  2. Give it up to the Dolphins after their laughable performance last night and there were those suggesting the defense was ready for the Patriots ? That’s like suggesting , a three-legged mule would have a chance against a thoroughbred race horse in a mile and a half race.

  3. Not really an embarrassment of riches when you look at the current list of coaches in the NFL and then look to see which of them currently in the league has won Superbowl title. Mike Tomlin (1-0) , Belichick (4 six appearances) , Pete Carroll (1-1), Tom Coughlin (2-0) and John Harbaugh (1-0) are the only are the ones in that lofty position.

    In the NBA it is even worse with only , Rick Carlisle, Steve Kerr , Erik Spoelstra and Doc Rivers among the coaches there .

    MLB , Bruce Bochy , Terry Francona , Joe Girardi and John Farrell .

    We can complain that the talent might well be bleak, but I believe among the coaching fraternity it might be even worse !

  4. bklymboy59

    It’s not about a mix bag concerning the coaches making the jump from the collegiate level to the professional ranks ? It has more to do with their coaching acumen overall. Look at Chip Kelly and what he has brought to the Philadelphia Eagles. On their (Eagles) best day , they couldn’t find their @ss from a hole in the ground, much less tell the difference.

    Kelly got rid of several players over the past few seasons and now the team can’t defend , not that any Chip Kelly coached team was known for their defensive prowess . And now I am suppose to believe either Mark Sanchez or Sam Bradford as quarterbacks, can lead the team to a Superbowl victory ? DeMarco Murray’s talents are being wasted while in Philadelphia .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      You overlooked The success Jimmy Johnson. Had in Dallas. Harbaugh in San Fran etc. The point is there have been some who made the jump from college to the pros yes just a few hence it is a mixed bag. The failures are more epic …Nick Saban, Chip Kelly, etc. Many times it is more than college coaches can handle and they don’t have control like they do in college. The players make way more money , have agents who they listen to or have the same agent as the coaches they play for. Plus as we find out many times college coaches leave to go to the pros to escape punishment from the NCAA like Pete Carroll. So many times their intent is shaky to begin with.

      • These coaches with their egos who come up from the collegiate level believe the same approach can work in the NFL . Jimmy Johnson didn’t really coach once he got to the NFL , he simply deferred to his coaching assistants . Look at who those assistants were at the time.

        Harbaugh’s success in San Fran was shortlived and his laissez-faire approach when it came to discipline left a great deal to be desired (Aldon Smith , Ray McDonald and Colin Kaepernick). Team owner Jed Yorke is a putz and GM Trent Baalke has now become a clown.

        Nick Saban cannot handle the pressure of being a head coach in the NFL . Chip Kelly on his best day , could not coach his way out of a wet paper bag.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        True to all that thar just goes back to what I said about it being a mixed bag when it comes to college coaches making the jump to the NFL

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