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Jose Reyes arrested for Domestic Abuse

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Normally Jose Reyes makes news for his running on the base paths today he makes news for quite another reason …domestic abuse towards his wife.

Hawaii News Now, citing sources, said Reyes and his wife, Katherine, were arguing in their Four Seasons Wailea Hotel room. Katherine Reyes told police, according to the sources cited in the video report, that Reyes grabbed her by the throat and shoved her into a sliding glass door before security called police. Katherine Reyes reportedly told police she had injuries to her side, neck and wrist, and was taken to a local emergency room.

“We were extremely disappointed and concerned to learn of the allegations involving Jose Reyes,” the Rockies said in a statement released on Twitter. “We continue to gather information and will address this matter appropriately, in accordance with Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy.”

So many times we tend to believe the image we see is the image that it is, meaning so many times we see Reyes laughing , smiling like there is no cares in the world…we now know better.



  1. Oh, so there were no incriminating images of him , Jose Reyes giving his wife a beating a -la Ray Rice . Once again the turmoil within professional sports and the fact athletes believe themselves above the law while their respective hierarchies sit around as if they have their fingers shoved up their proverbial #+@ss ! Roger Goodell and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred are two of the dumbest executives in all of professional sports and their union counterparts are not that far behind either .

    Meanwhile , an @ss wipe such as the Buccaneers’ Jameis Winston is now counter-suing his accuser ( sexual assault) for defamation of character. The fact FSU is on the verge of settling a suit with Winston’s accuser should not go unnoticed concerning this and a slew of allegations against the player.

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Domestic violence isn’t just a sports problem but a problem that runs deep I. Today’s society regardless of where we live. The Reyes case is just a sad reminder of what we have come to know is true. You never know what goes on in a person’s life behind closed doors. Even more sadder is the fact that more and more men are more inclined to settle things with a woman with their hands. Men are to protect their women not beat up on them plain and simple.

      • It’s a said indictment of a a society we live in where misogyny is glorified within the rap genre and where the athletes themselves believe they are above the law. Never mind the fact the unions and hierarchies within the four major professional sports don’t have a damn clue how to deal with the issue and several more that at are rampant across their respective sports.

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