Don’t look Now but Porzingis is turning draft night Boos to Cheers

Kristaps Porzingis made his loudest noise yet on Tuesday. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Remember on draft night when Carmelo Anthony freaked out when the Knicks drafted Kristap Porrzingis ? Remember when, Knicks fans rained boos all over the Garden when the Knicks selected Porzingis? Oh it was ugly to be sure. But in fairness Kristap Porzingis not only talked a good game he is playing a good game as well. He has said from the beginning that he is going to play smart and play hard and he is ready to play now, and he has proven that to be the case so far. I know it is a small sample size and there is a lot of basketball to play ..but maybe just maybe the Zen Master (Phil Jackson) got this one right.  Enjoy tonight’s highlights of Kristag Porzingis against the Hornets.


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29 thoughts on “Don’t look Now but Porzingis is turning draft night Boos to Cheers

    1. I did say it’s early but let’s put it this way he is atleast trying to hold up his end to show that he can play alittle. The NBA is 82 game grind especially when they hit the January February wall so we will see how he handles himself then but for now the Garden faithful aren’t booing and that is a good thing .

      1. I know it’s an eighty-two game grind , but in all honesty are you entirely pleased with what Phil Jackson has been doing as Head of the Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks ?

        Based on the team’s current record they might barely make the NBA Playoffs. The team’s stats are not that impressive in spite of what we seen from Kristaps Porzingis. There were far better players Jackson could have taken ahead of Porzingis in this most recent NBA Draft. . Truth of the matter , Phil Jackson couldn’t spot talent (NBA) if it were labeled and hung as a sign over the heads of several players at the collegiate level.

      2. To answer your question Yes for now yes I am pleased. What players in the draft would you want that were available to him at 4 ? Okaford was gone Towns was gone and Rusell who Jackson loved was gone…Russell hasn’t played well as of yet, Okaford is a scorer on a bad philly team that is worse than the Knicks and Towns wasn’t going to fall in the Knicks lap so for a player who was supposed to be a project long after Jackson was gone Porzingis turned out to be a better pick at 4 than most expected and some of the smarter experts jumped all on the Knicks back for the pick are now praising the Knicks for the pick now. As for them barely making the playoffs …well they didn’t make the playoffs last season did they? No so…if 17-65 team makes the playoffs the next season then I guess you would have to say that is a successful first step for Jackson.

      3. Do you really think Dolan is the only incompetent owner in the league? It easy to dump on him he makes it easy to do, but Cuban is looney as well as a few other owners. Yes they draft well in the past but so have alot of other teams. We don’t know what Fisher will become as a coach. He had no experience so he’s learning on the job and his learning is on a big stage in front of everyone. Give him a chance. Compared to last season the team is playing bether and with less talent than last year’s team that started the season.

  1. Mark Cuban
    and James Dolan are cut from the same cloth but here is the difference between the two . Dallas has won a title during their respective tenures as team owners, whereas , the Knicks have been mediocre. Over the last six years what has the front office of the New York Knicks really done to bolster the roster ? Look at the monetary outlay they have made in each of the past eight seasons at least. It has gotten them absolutely nowhere.

    Do you really want someone like Derek Fisher to be learning on the job two years from now ? The Eastern Conference remains mediocre but the Knicks are and will remain symbolic of how bad the conference just happens to be . I would also lump Joshua Harris in among the mix dumb of @ss owners within the NBA .

    1. Ummmm hate to tell you but most of the owners are of the same cloth like Dolan and Cuban and yes Cuban has a ring and has been looking to win another since.yet his team has yet to get to the western conference finals. As for the Knicks symbolic ad to how medicare the conference is well apparently you have ncharot heard of the Philadelphia 76ers or the . StarBrooklyn Nets, or the Charlotte Hornets or the Los Angeles Lakers for openers . Start there

      1. The real issue I believe with the NBA , is very much the talent at the collegiate level just isn’t that good and has been over-hyped . leading the fans to go overboard. As for the teams mentioned , it should come as no surprise that they remain a mess given their records from last season and where they now stand .

        In all honesty , do you believe Porzingis was the best option for the Knicks given their obvious weaknesses of last season and what we have seen this season ?

        New York Knicks news

      2. The issue with the NBA is the talent from college? Sorry the NCAA is the one with the problem with the one and done players going into college. That’s the NCAA’s problem the NBA PROBLEM is the players come into the league with huge sneaker contracts and big mega deals and don’t work on refining their game. As for the question of whether or not Porzingis was the Knicks best option at 4 ? YES.

      1. Stop going conspiracy theory. ..the one and done wasn’t about David Stern or the NCAA this has been brewing for decades and was cHalle need in college football. If football wasn’t harder to play more students would be doing one and done in college football. Ss It Was Hershey walker was option in to leave a year early and that was big news back then. Actually the one and done has at least showed what was fake about college ball was …getting an education. ..when in effect it was to play ball so they can get to the pros. Now at least it’s cut more to the chase.

      2. They (Emmert and Stern) colluded together and you would have to be completely apathetic to not realize that fact. Stern has proven himself to be a complete imbecile on so many issues involving the NBA that it is mind-boggling how anyone can believe him to have ever had the game’s best interests at heart.

      3. Never said he had the best interest of the league at heart I said he marketed it better than anyone had previously. And no they alone did not collude. This was decades in the making or did you not know this?

      4. Hell ,. a chimpanzee could market the NBA brand if you have Michael Jordan as the starting point to the campaign. Were it not for the Jordan years , do you honestly believe the NBA would be as successful as it is today ?

      5. Two years of college for Michael Jordan to be coached by one of the greatest coaches in College Basketball history . Who would actually turn that opportunity down ? Dean Smith was a great motivator and teacher for Jordan.

        As for Stephon Marbury , he just didn’t fulfill the potential perceived and it’s the same with Sebastian Telfair.

        John Calipari throughout his coaching career has been followed by a litany of allegations which he himself refuses to acknowledge his complicity in. Derrick Rose’s SAT’s are just proof of that very fact and everything surrounding that whole episode. Calipari is a piece of fecal matter and a hypocrite.

      6. Jordan played 3 years not two at NC. Agreed about Marbury but this isn’t about who fulfilled potential this is about the one and done situation in the NCAA. Calipari is a system and he doesn’t try to act like he isn’t. Unlike other coaches he admits he is taking advantage of the situation in college basketball. Would I want him coaching my team no…as for brains…well there are dumber ball players than D-Rose

      7. Calipari by far I s the most obvious but there are quite a few others who are just like him. The one and done I agree hurts on many levels. Basketball needs to have a real minor league like baseball so if you really want to play pro ball then go play pro ball learn and refine your game and not waste college resources and not put on a pretense of getting a education when it’s obvious that they are not.

    1. Ok and …Stern was not there for the fans. No commissioner us they are hired by the owners so they are there for them. He marketed the game better than previous commissions before him

  2. Years in the making concerning the one and done deal ? It was not necessary but the two made sure that both entities would likely profit from and what it has done , has been to bring about a watered down brand where the players are coming in from the collegiate level are not particularly good . Even more discerning when you look at several of the European players who in some cases lack the offensive capability and athleticism sought within the NBA .

    1. Yes this was years in the making . When Stephan Marbury played at Georgia Tech he was only a one and done deal too but was talked in to staying another year and don’t forget Magic Johnson only played two years of college ball but he was the exception not the rule. Truthfully he was good enough in high school to skip college and go straight to the pros, but two years of college was the deal for him and he also could have been one and done. This one and done just came to the fore when college coaches like John Calipari bought in to the one and done to load up their rosters for a shot of playing for multiple national titles, Calipari pushed and embrace it and made it work for himself, but as far as it being a conspiracy with Stern and the NCAA sorry they weren’t that smart.

  3. Magic knew that honing his game at the college level would make him a far better player at the professional level. Nowadays. the athletes see nothing but dollar signs and endorsement deals from the moment they’re in college to the moment they leave. Does anyone actually believe LeBron James ever had any intent of playing college basketball? His mother was already accepting monetary gifts , while her son was a high school phenom in Akron , Ohio,. So for @ssholes such as Skip ( I’m Dumb As #hit ) Bayless and Stephen A (I’ll Lick LBJ’s #ock & Scrotum ) Smith to suggest James wanted to play college basketball, is simply a goddamn joke . Those two ought to be put out to pasture as they’re not particularly good at what they do to begin with.

    Stern is a pompous @ss who used the genre of gangsta rap to sell the NBA brand to young African-American teens , while many of them were being gunned down on the streets of the USA. Yet, but low and behold organizations such as NAACP had their heads buried so far up their own @ss they wouldn’t have been able to see the sun shine much less have the intelligence to voice their disapproval as to what the NBA was doing at the time . Nor did the NBPA (union) much less African-American players in the league itself. When it comes to real social awareness and activity , many of these so called athletes are nothing more than self absorbed hypocritical @ssholes .

    1. Question to you how come the original topic always tends to be a political topic eventually once you get going? This started out about Porzingis becoming a decent player into a for LBJ David Stern gangster rap and naacp? The topic that I started out with is completely lost. Let’s try to stay topical from here on out.

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