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Time to Say Goodbye …Peyton Manning

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I have seen Johnny Unitas in a Charger uniform after years of being a Baltimore Colt, Joe Namath in a Los Angeles Rams uniform, these are legendary quarterbacks, Unitas was the standard that quarterbacks were measured against. But Peyton Manning benched? Seriously? That had every news outlet and every social media outlet going crazy. A friend of mine texted me asking me if I thought Peyton Manning’s career is over? My answer was and still is yes it, problem is it has been for some time. If you are a regular reader of this blog I thought at the time of his release from the Colts (https://smallthoughtsinasportsworld.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/peyton-to-be-released-by-the-colts-where-will-he-go-next/) that it was risk for him to continue playing. He had just come off of 4 neck surgeries and did not play for over a year …yet he played on, this time with Denver Broncos. He did get them to the Super bowl against the Seattle Seahawks. At this point the way I see it his legacy is secure, he is going to go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. Nothing he does from this point onward will tarnish that. If 4 super bowl loses did not tarnish Jim Kelly’s or Fran Tarkenton’s legacies or Manning’s boss in Denver John Elway then nothing will tarnish a 4 time MVP- 1 time Super bowl winner by the name of Peyton Manning.

In sports, great ones rise and great ones fall, we have seen the best of Joe Louis and then the end , the best of Muhammad Ali and then the bitter end with his getting beaten by Larry Holmes, we have seen athletes hanging around far too long when it becomes clear that it is time to move on. Very seldom do we get to see an all time great leave at the top of his game, usually both the athlete and the public want to see them continue to perform keep doing it until the tank is empty then we say…he should have quit sooner. Well in Peyton Manning’s case he should have stopped playing last year …you could see the passes wobble, forget the numbers just look with your eyes and you see the end coming and coming harsh. Yet he continued on. This season the Broncos started out undefeated and yet as I told someone, the team on defense was unbeaten the offense looked well off , and that is being kind.  What does this have to do with Peyton?

The Broncos are circling the wagons to come up with an excuse for his poor play, playing with pain in his foot, could be broken etc. to his credit he isn’t making excuses but in his late 30’s soon to be in his 40’s it is clear his time is up. please don’t embarrass yourself any further Peyton, your place in NFL history is secure and you own many of the passing records in the history of the game, you won the league MVP 4 times and won a Super Bowl you have nothing left to prove. You came back from serious neck surgeries and made the Broncos a Super bowl threat. But it is clear that it is time to say goodbye. With great athletes, the hard part isn’t the playing, it isn’t the winning and or the losing…it is knowing when it is time to say…goodbye.

Time to say goodbye …Peyton Manning, thanks for the memories.



  1. The Broncos’ window of opportunity is quickly closing but not all the fault lies with Peyton Manning this season. This team has been inconsistent , losing games inexplicably .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      True however his play has been a just as inconsistent not just this season but last season as well. So this is the closing chapter of a brilliant career, I hate to see it happen.

      • Very few athletes know it when it’s time quit and walk away from the gracefully. Peyton Manning could end up being another one of them. Hence the reason why I admire Marvin Hagler to this day ! When he stepped away from the ring , he vowed he would never return to it again. In the aftermath of that travesty of a decision with his loss to Ray Leonard , I can’t say I blame him at all !

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Since you brought it up Hagler let Leonard dictate the terms going in to the fight…ring size and gloves size and for someone who hadn’t fought in at least two years and had ring rust going to the fight Hagler had the advantage over Leonard …he should have won the fight from that point of view. However , he let leonard steal every round late and the fact that Leonard was still standing and dancing at the end stayed with the judges. He never kept the pressure on leonard , he would press leonard on the ropes and then Sugar ray would coyly sidestep his way off the ropes and would do what he did against Duran stick and move. Yes Hagler knew it was time to call it a day and did so. Which I respect, but he was beaten before he stepped into the ring against Ray Leonard.

      • Hopkins could have beaten Leonard . Bernard Hopkins isn’t your prototypical boxer/ fighter. A lot of people do not give him credit for that fact. Which fighters do you believe Ray Leonard beat when they were in their prime ?

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Hearns Benitez Duran in the second fight Hagler was no longer in his prime when they fought

      • Bernard Hopkins can be a street fighter / brawler . Leonard has a dislike for that and I don’t believe he would really stand a chance against Hopkins who was a far better boxer and puncher than many give him credit for.

        Tommy Hearns had legs of jello .

        One of the greatest and most brutal fights in history .

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Is there anything or anybody you really like?

      • Love certain sports with a passion (combative ones in particular [MMA ] though I now find boxing an utter bore) . Soccer , rugby as I was brought up on both .

        Acclimatized myself with the sports’ scene here in North America but I can’t stand NASCAR or hockey (NHL) !

      • bklynboy59 says:

        I thought you said you like NASCAR

      • A black English guy liking NASCAR ? No way in hell ! I would rather watch F1 (Formula One) as it has more skill to it , than the scripted bull#hit of NASCAR .

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Besides if it that were that easy to market, then the NHL should have been bigger than what it is now

      • The NHL remains a joke with Garry Bettman in charge as the commissioner . Now they have former MLBPA (Players’ Union Executive Director) Donald Fehr heading up the NHLPA (union). Another frigging recipe for disaster considering the number of issues and stoppages baseball had while Fehr was in charge of the union in some capacity alongside Bud Selig as commissioner.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        You forget Fehr helped and followed the blueprint that Marvin Miller left behind to increase the salaries in baseball, he is looking to do the same in hockey. Actually Fehr is a benefit for the players as opposed to past union reps in hockey who sold the union up the river. Bettany now has somebody who will push back when push comes to shove.

      • Jay-z’s The Blueprint is far better than anything Miller or Fehr could ever think of coming up with , The MLBPA and NHLPA have been utter jokes within the realms of their respective sports.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        We have gone from its time to say good for Peyton Manning to marvin miller and Donald Fehr to now Jayz …seriously where is this heading now lol

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Leonard fought the best of his time did he win them all no but he did beat Duran twice Hearts once Benitez and Hagler. As for street fight the Hearns fight was a street fight with Hearns boxing and Leonard being the slugger and this was as a welterweight. Also part of the problem Hopkins was in a different weight class

  2. Through the first eight to ten rounds Sugar Leonard did little in the fight but here’s my thing concerning the bout . It was the fact right from the start Hagler’s manager Lou Duva objected to the requests of Angelo Dundee , Ray Leonard’s manager , but the pot was sweetened with money and certain promises . It is unfortunate boxing has become such a joke and will remain that way for years to come .

    Marvin Hagler was a great champion and in my books, among the top-five middleweight boxers in the annals of boxing history.

  3. Leonard cherry-picked fights during the latter stages of his career and even had the World Boxing Council bring into being the super-middleweight category guaranteeing the fact when he won a fifth world title (Light Heavyweight) against a has-been called Donny Lalonde his (Leonard’s) name would be etched in boxing immortality.

    Ray Leonard was a great fighter but at his best against Bernard Hopkins he would have been taken to school or even facing Russian fighter Gennady Golovkin

    • bklynboy59 says:

      They all cherry pick their opponents toward the end but Leonard fought all big names . Hopkins wsx a natural middle weight a Hagler -Hopkins would have been a great fight. If Hopkins was around during Leonards prime I’m not so sure Hopkins would have beaten Leonard.

  4. NASCAR ‘s minority hiring program has been a complete embarrassment . What else would you expect from a sport where its heritage remains in the South and where the hierarchy’s make-up is an all white male bastion of stupidity and ignorance > ? It’s the same with the NFL, MLB and NBA .

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