Rockets Fire Mc Hale …The Move doesn’t make sense

McHale fired by Rockets after 4-7 start

In a move that stunned many more for the timing and just the fact it was early in the season …the Houston Rockets fire head coach Kevin McHale. This was a move that doesn’t make sense. McHale has forgotten more basketball than that current Rockets rosters knows and still after 11 games management decides it’s time to fire the coach? Really?

The seems like a panic move by ownership who sees a high priced team that’s not playing up to it’s abilities and a home crowd that is getting restless.

The team has played uninspired ball so far I get that but it’s a 82 game grind and they play in the unforgiving Western Conference. Yet McHale, guided the Rockets to the Western Conference Finals last season, Ownership (Leslie Alexander)gave McHale a 3 year contract extension so after 11 games you fire the coach and now you are on the hook for the remainder of the contract. Bad move. The next 11 games are said to be the soft spot of their schedule so hold off on firing the coach let the next 11 games show where this team is at, firing McHale now served what purpose? The players are the ones who should be held accountable, McHale didn’t become dumb during the offseason with basically the same group from last season’s run to the Western Conference Finals. Was this a move that was designed to keep another coach from leaving in JB Bickerstaff? Is he going to make James Harden shoot better, or The Rockets rebound better, or make Patrick Beverly’s ankle heal quickly? Can Bickerstaff make Harden and Ty Lawson jell better ? Or the team play with more sense of urgency? Usually a coaching move is good for the first handful of games then the team plays to it’s level, so if the Rockets believe they have a championship team ready to go, why make this move?

How about making the players accountable? What a novel idea.


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8 thoughts on “Rockets Fire Mc Hale …The Move doesn’t make sense

      1. Daryl Morey the Rockets’ general manager sold his soul to the Devil in order to obtain Dwight Howard and it has yet to pay dividends for the franchise. James Harden may well have lit up the scoreboard last season for the team , but he cannot do it on his own. The Houston Rockets are simply a good offensive minded team but defensively they are bordering on being less than average.

        Leslie Alexander yearns to see the franchise he owns (Houston Rockets) have the success seen with the San Antonio Spurs, but the Rockets will always second-fiddle to the Spurs , no matter who coaches Houston.

      2. The day Greg Popovich walks into the San Antonio sunset is the day it will be open season on the state of Texas. All three teams have their moments but the firing of McHale is not one of them. But to say the Rockets will always be second fiddle is an absolute and in sports you can’t be absolute

      3. No need to go to extremes. The Rockets are a contender yes it’s early and off to a bad start but compared to the Sixes Pelicans and Nets among others the Rockets have plenty of time to turn it around. The western conference is rough conference to come out of unlike the east. It’s tight so the bounce of the ball can go either way. The Spurs are the model of how to win how to build a franchise. But it starts with Popovich. But to say they will never win is and will always be an mistaken absolute statement

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