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Porzingis showing He Belongs

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Remember this ? Stephen A. Smith venting like most Knicks were about the Porzingis pick on draft night. Phil Jackson was an idiot right Stephen A.?

Granted it’s less than 15 games into the season but Phil Jackson is looking smart all of a sudden for the Porzingis pick don’t believe me ?

Now look at this …

Hey Stephen A. how do you feel about Kristaps Porzingis now?

It took Stephen A long enough to finally say something nice about Kristaps Porzingis . It’s early we all know that but the kid is at least playing with heart and passion it’s something knick fans love to see in a player and guess what, he does have an upside.




  1. J-Dub says:

    Stephen A. Smith is a moron. This is example 1,239.785.

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