It’s Ugly in the City of Brotherly Love

The Eagles are 4-7 and fading fast even in the division now known as the NFC Least…Trust me there is nothing after Thursday’s stinker in Philly against the Lions to suggest they are going to run the table and win the division and make noise in the playoffs. Nope. The talk is now how soon and where will Chip Kelly go , which college will he end up going to? oh it’s ugly in Philadelphia that’s for sure, in a city that rides it’s sports harder than New York ( and that’s hard to beat) they have been more than ready to not only help Chip Kelly pack his bags but say exactly where you want them delivered (LSU or USC) or some other destination. Oh Yes it is that ugly! He was billed as an offensive genius, yet his team’s play on that side of the ball is offensive to anyone watching. And it wasn’t like he didn’t have offensive players to make his system work , Desean Jackson , Le sean McCoy, Jeremy Macklin among other he had when he first arrived in Philly, now they gone and their replacements have either bombed totally or he has misused the parts he bought in. This is a case of being too smart for your won good and in the process you set this franchise back , don’t forget it wasn’t that long ago that this was a super bowl contender and had Donovan Mc Nabb as quarterback. Yes I know it’s been a while since but it wasn’t like Kelly had to really gut this team either, too much power for someone who wasn’t use to it, and then didn’tuse it wisely. Now the play on the field has suffered because of it. And now the boobirds want to see Kelly and his offensive game plan go elsewhere. This isn’t college football where you get to hit the reset button next season with a good to great recruitment class and you mold the players in your style of play. The players in the NFL are a different breed, they are good at what they do , you have to adjust your gameplan to what they do best and get the most out of them. Instead Kell sticks stubbornly to a system that yes when all parts are working can upset a defense can look cagey and win games, but when it doesn’t …well just look at their play of late and see the results. In college a decent quarterback can win for you, in the pros you need great quarterbacks …where was there a great quarterback in this bunch…Vick, Foles, Sanchez, and Bradford…maybe you can make the case that Foles should have been given more time to develop to see if he was worth keeping before trading him to the Rams for Bradford ok, but he hasn’t turned out to be Kurt Warner either so…for once I am glad I have no rooting interest in this, being a Jet fan is hard enough.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Ugly in the City of Brotherly Love

    1. For the first two years…Rex Ryan and the Jets got away with it . It helped that they had a strong running game and a top flight defense. But we know how the rest of that story goes. Chip Kelly won for two years with basically a collection of misfits ar qb. Like I stated Foles maybe would have developed I to an elite QB but we will never know because he was traded for the bridle Bradford. Being too smart for his own good Kelly thought he could with anyone at QB in the NFL.

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