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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: Philadelphia 76ers…It’s bad enough for one season to be so bad that you have to tank it and get the number one pick. But 3 straight seasons of bad basketball and purposely tanking and still don’t have a good team? That’s just bad management, hence Sam Hinkie out and Jerry Colangelo, in. And despite all the losing there is a report that they want to give the head coach Brett Brown a contract extension as a reward for putting up with a gutted roster and bad basketball. Talk about dysfunctional, they make the New York  Knicks under James Dolan’s watch look stable. Ouch!

Rants: Carmelo Anthony…Stop complaining and be a real leader, like his coach Fisher said, if the offense isn’t coming do other things to make the team better. Instead of saying we need to play faster just be the franchise player they need you to be.

Rants:Johnny Manziel … How many more chances is he going to get? He is named the starter again this week, will he mess this chance up yet again? Just look at his track record so far and you see what’s coming…another wasted opportuinity.

Raves: New York Mets …no they didn’t resign Yoenis Cespedes, no they didn’t sign Ben Zobrist, but with a smart trade of Neil Walker for Jon Niese and signing of Asdrubal Cabrera they upgraded their middle infield defensively and offensively. Yes Met fans I know you wanted Daniel Murphy back but let’s be honest the first bad base running mistake, first bad play in the field and you will be screaming yet again and all the postseason heroics will be forgotten.  They had a opportunity to upgrade and they did just that.

Raves:Golden State Warriors …23-0 best start in NBA History …what more can you say? As bad as the 76 ers are the Warriors are the complete opposite, they’re that good. Only time will tell if they will match the 72-10 mark set by the Bulls.

Raves:Arizona Cardinals…As good as the Carolina Panthers have been this season, you can make a strong case for the Cardinals being close behind as the top team in the NFC, sorry Seattle but you reign out West is over hail to the new kings out was The Cardinals.


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