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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: Ray Rice…Something that I am still not understanding …He beat his then fiancé now wife and was suspended, but hasn’t played a minute of Football since then (2 seasons) yet Greg Hardy who did that and worse  gets a contract with the Cowboys and plays? What gives here?  If the Ravens didn’t want him I’d understand, but all the teams that need help at running back no one is willing to give ray Rice a second chance, not even the Patriots who are known to give players like Randy Moss, Corey Dillon among others a second chance, not understanding why Rice isn’t allowed back in the NFL.

Rants: Pete Rose…He had his chance to return to baseball and yet still could not bring himself to be honest about his gambling and the fact that he bet on baseball and still does. While he claims he bets legally it shows that he hasn’t changed and was not remorseful enough to change his ways. It is truly sad , the brashness and hard driving way that made him an all time great player is the very thing that also brought him to his own ruin.

Rants: Dwight Howard …can this guy be happy anywhere ? Didn’t like Orlando , didn’t like Los Angeles and finally there rumblings he doesn’t like Houston, perhaps he needs to keep in mind one thing, happiness is a state of mind not a state in the country.

Raves: Bartolo Colon … Glad to see the cagey veteran will return to New York and pitch for the Mets. He pitched well in the playoffs out of the bullpen and proved to have a resilient arm. Look for him to be the fifth starter and when Wheeler comes back from injury pitch well out of the bullpen again. Good signing by the Mets.

Raves:Kristaps Porzingis … He is proven every so called expert wrong and has played very well. He is one of the reasons for the Knicks turn around at 12-14 (they won only 17 games last season) In a matchup against the Timberwolves Porzingis blocked 7 shots and one was against fellow rookie Karl Anthony Towns. He is a player. Nice pick Phil.

Raves: Odell Beckham Jr….If I were Eli I would look for Beckham on every play. Unless he trips no one can keep up with him on the field. He is a special talent. I am not ready to put him in the Jerry Rice category yet but…just a little more time.


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  1. It’s all about perception. Consider the fact also the hierarchies all four major professional team sports are being ran by a bunch of damn buffoons ! The recent antics of Rajon Rondo (homo-phobic rants aimed at an NBA official) and that of Gilbert Arenas with his sexist and misogynistic remarks on the players within the WNBA . Unfortunately , the sports’ fans in general, see nothing wrong with this type of behavior , while the athletes hide behind the ” bull#hit of freedom of speech ” .

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